‘LPBW’ Fans Slam Audrey Roloff For Still Ignoring Social Distancing

LPBW Audrey Roloff and baby

LPBW fans slammed Audrey Roloff in April for not social distancing at Easter. How people feel about their comfort zones isn’t the same for celebs with over a million followers. After all, they naturally lead by example. Now, Audrey shared more photos and not a single one of them features her socially distanced from friends.

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff, an influencer, doesn’t social distance

Some people agree that if Audrey chooses social distancing or not, is nobody’s business. But some followers point out that she racked up a humongous amount of followers. Her irresponsibility, they claim, could lead others not to social distance as well. That’s why fans of Little People, Big World feel it is their business when she flouts the recommended guidelines. Perhaps, if she limited her photos to contact with immediate family, not so many people would get hot under the collar.

Of all the Roloffs, perhaps Audrey’s the least likely to care what her fans think. After all, she seldom responds to anyone who comments. And, the Little People, Big World alum seldom apologizes for anything at all. But, fans vent on her Instagram, hoping other people don’t think it’s okay to act “recklessly.” Audrey shared multiple photos of them over the weekend at a lake with friends. The gathering revealed loads of kids and fun times. But, no effort at social distancing emerged. That outraged many people.

Audrey slammed by irate followers

One fan went off about the kids in the pool not wearing “coast guard approved life jackets.” But, other fans felt that complaint came just because the troll could complain. After all, the kids actually sat with their mothers holding them and didn’t act dangerously. But when it came to social distancing, plenty of people agree that Audrey’s wrong. Audrey captioned her multiple pictures with, “Always one of my favorite weekends of the year🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Bike rides🚴🏼‍♀️country music🎶salted watermelon (try it before you knock it) 🍉sack races🏃🏽‍♀️30lbs of smoked brisket🥩swimsuits all day👙tractor rides🚜campfires🔥and tent sleeping.”

In normal circumstances, probably most people would rave over the photos showing the LPBW family. But not with coronavirus around. One critic wrote, “You just don’t listen. Don’t mind me: listen to the doctors. You may SAVE lifes just by being responsible,(sic.)” One follower noted, “Public figures have a bigger platform and should make sure they aren’t flouting CDC guidelines, not wearing masks or social distancing, etc. Their behavior rubs off on others. This is disappointing. No wonder so many people are down on Audrey and Jeremy.”


Another LPBW critic noted, “small children ….not very responsible parents…they just want perfect pictures so people think they are perfect…” Actually, a lot of people think that picture perfect is just not good enough these days. Setting an example to followers seems like a hot topic. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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