Mama June And Geno Relax On The Beach This Weekend – Geno Looks Like He’s Gained Weight

Mama June with geno and Adam barta

Mama June and Geno stay in Florida at the moment. There, her friend Adam Barta helps her get fit and she gets seen running on the beach. Geno also hangs with her, despite fans hoping she dumped him. In the Family Crisis show that just ended, fans saw Geno and June went to rehab. Hopefully, they stay clean. But for now, they hit the beach and relaxed together.

Mama June and Geno on the beach

Fans knew from the WEtv show that Geno and June spent a huge amount of money on meth. In fact, they blew about $150,000 on drugs. That’s why June said she sold the house. They simply ran out of money. She also sold her daughter’s car and fans saw her selling personal possessions. When she and Geno agreed to go into rehab, she still claimed she wasn’t an addict. Rather, she said she’s an addictive personality. Well, in the final episode, she finally admitted she’s an addict. That’s a great start to recovery.

But, fans hate that she remains with Geno Doak. They believe that he enables Mama June’s addiction. Nevertheless, she made her choice and tries staying clean with him at her side. Most people know that when people use meth, especially in large doses, they burn calories and often forget to eat. Some fans suspect that’s why June took meth. She gained weight but drugs help to stop people from eating. So, possibly a photo shared by Hollywood Life could indicate that Geno also stays off meth. He seems to have gained some weight.

Geno looks like he put on some weight

In the picture that Hollywood Life revealed, Geno looks quite a lot bigger then the last time fans saw him on television. He and June shared some snacks on the beach. She wore a leopard print bikini and Geno wore a black tank top and long shorts. Geno’s probably more easily recognizable by his tattoos than anything else. They apparently still get help for their addictions. The outlet noted that “they appeared to be in good spirits earlier in the week as they walked near a rehab clinic in Florida.”

Alpine Recovery Lodge explains that one sure sign of the use of a lot of meth involves weight loss. And, when people use meth they often develop a sweet tooth or the “munchies.” Eating junk food and sweet things can even lead to malnutrition sometimes. But right now, Geno looks anything but malnourished or skeletal. Hopefully, the weight that he gained came because he amended his drug and diet habits. While fans see Mama June working out on the beach, so far, it seems Geno avoids that sort of thing.

While Mama June gets a lot of haters on her Instagram, the good news is that they both make an effort to get their lives back on track. Any progress certainly seems better than no progress at all. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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