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Chrissy Teigen Slams American Airlines For Not Caring About Passengers

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Chrissy Teigen slammed American Airlines after quote-tweeting a comment by Senator Jeff Merkley. The model and comedian thinks that the airline cares nothing for their passengers and just wants money. She seems very upset as they don’t provide a blocked off seat between passengers. But is a plane a petri dish for the virus?

Chrissy Teigen angry about no middle seat blocking on planes

Many fans follow Chrissy on her Twitter because she makes them laugh. They enjoy her cooking and her sense of humor. But, they don’t really enjoy Chrissy so much when she complains about things. At the end of May, she got a lot of heated fans criticizing her on Twitter. That came when she offered $100,000 for the release of those arrested in the George Floyd protests. She tweeted, “In celebration of whatever the f— maga night is, I am committed to donating $100,000 to the bailouts of protestors across the country.” But, when people complained, she upped it by another $100,000.

Since then, lots of other celebs also donated money, and fans now worry because the protests became riots. People died violently and social distancing went out the window. But now it looks like Chrissy really cares about social distancing, after all. She slammed American Airlines for not making provision for that. In her reply to the senator, she wrote, “Not to be dramatic but American Airlines only cares about money and doesn’t care if you get sick and die.” The senator felt that without the middle seat blocked, the virus would infect plenty of people. One fan agreed with Chrissy Teigen, saying, “The whole airplane is basically a petri dish.”

Are planes ‘petri dishes’ for coronavirus?

Across the world, airlines look at restoring regular flights. In many instances, they also argue for 100 percent capacity. They base their argument on the fact that planes use the HEPA filtration system. The high-efficiency filter apparently removes the bulk of the virus from aircraft cabins. In fact, Kaiser Health News reported that they remove 99.97 percent of particles. Jean-Brice Dumont who works for Airbus spoke about it.

The BBC reported that Dumont, “chief engineer,” points out that the air in an aircraft practically gets fully “renewed” about once every three minutes. He also declared that the air in the cabins actually seems “intrinsically clean.” The outlet also cited studies from 2018 on the spread of other viruses. In that study, scientists concluded, “A droplet-mediated respiratory infectious disease is unlikely to be directly transmitted beyond one metre from the infectious passenger.” But others disagree with even that and that news probably annoys Chrissy Teigen.

Canada argues aircraft safe for travel during coronavirus

The BBC also talked about Canada and flights. Public health officials in Canada conducted a checkup on passengers on a flight to Toronto. The plane departed Guangzhou and stayed aloft for 15 hours. It carried 360 people. Two people had the coronavirus. No other infections occurred.

While some people disagree with their findings, coronavirus and air travel simply never happened before. Nobody really knows for certain. But, as one critic of Chrissy Teigen pointed out – if she feels that strongly, her wallet could stretch to a “private” chartered flight, after all. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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