‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tomlinson Opens New Instagram Because Of Too Much Negativity

Unexpected Hailey

Unexpected mom, Hailey Tomlinson disappeared off Instagram for quite some time earlier this year. She came back in February and shared a charming clip of her daughter by Matthew Blevins, Kinsley. Most fans adore Hailey, but she does get some hate on social media. Now, she said she opened a new account because of too much negativity.

Unexpected – Hailey Tomlinson gets too much negativity

Fans don’t understand all the hostility and negativity towards Hailey Tomlinson. After all, Matthew dumped her and made off with Hailey Tilford soon after the birth of Kinsley. The TLC network portrayed the two Haileys as best friends, but some people wonder about the truth of that. Nevertheless, Matthew went off with Hailey Tilford and got her pregnant as well. Then, he dumped her and denies the paternity of his son, Levi.

The Unexpected star shared on her YouTube about the pain she felt when Matthew took off with Hailey Tilford. But, she acted maturely once baby Levi came along. In fact, she and Hailey Tilford buried the hatchet for the sake of their two half-siblings. Actually, fans of the show admire the women for their approach to the two children. But possibly, more negativity went Hailey’s way than people knew about. Maybe that’s why she took a break from social media earlier this year.

Hailey starts an Instagram for family and friends only

On June 30, Hailey took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of her new Instagram. She said she keeps the one for fans going, but started a separate one. Hailey wrote, “I made an account for just family and friends to follow me! So if you actually KNOW me follow me😊❤️. I am still posting on here just wanted a separate account so I can actually post without people being so negative.” Immediately, people who don’t actually know Hailey asked her for access.

Some Unexpected fans wondered why so much negativity goes Hailey’s way. One commented, “I don’t get why people are so mean your strong and beautiful and an amazing mom and daughter.” Another one asked, “Why are people so negative your a nice young lady and a good mother to your beautiful daughter. I have 2 girls and a boy and was a teen mom” Another person also wondered about negativity. They wrote, “Why are people negative you’re a nice person and wonderful mom. It takes a lot more energy to be mean then to be nice, (sic).”


Sadly it seems that social media these days often becomes rather toxic. The fact that a nice young woman who mothers her child so well gets hated on seems incredible. But, as one Unexpected fan said, “You gotta do what you gotta do.” What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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