Did Mama June Share A Gofundme For Personal Profit?

Mama June

Mama June Shannon revealed to the world in Family Crisis, that she finally admitted her drug addiction. In the finale of the WEtv show, she felt she and Geno were lucky to be alive after their rehab. Now, she shared a gofundme for a friend they met in rehab. Some fans think they can’t trust her and that she probably profits from it herself. But did she?

Mama June shared a link to a gofundme for a friend who died after relapsing

On June 30, June took to Instagram and shared about her friend Eric McKinstry. On her post where she shared a photo and a video, June talked about how they met him in rehab. However, he since passed away. She wrote, “Come On Let’s help this family.” Plus, she mentioned they knew him for about five months.” So, she asked her followers to “open” their wallets and donate a dollar each. Eric had a daughter, and he fought his addiction. But, after that, he relapsed and died.

Some fans grew angry with Mama June and told her she should stop asking for money. Others claimed that June would more than likely get something from the gofundme. Others noted that drug addicts come with trust issues. And, bear in mind, June’s habit grew so expensive she ended up sleeping in the SUV. She sold her home and her daughter’s car to fund their drug habit. On the show, fans heard her drug addiction cost her about $2,500 per day.

Critics object to June – don’t trust her

One fan commented, “Stop asking for money I want to see the day you post a video and don’t ask for money if is not cameo is your friends death come on go to rehab!!!!you want money go to work 👍.” Well, as others pointed out, June went to rehab already. In fact, these days she shares a lot of photos and videos of her working on her fitness and health. The show, filmed about a year ago just doesn’t fit the current timeline of June’s life.

But, that person wasn’t the only one with suspicions about Mama June sharing a gofundeme. Another one noted, “I’m sorry for his family loss but it’s hard to trust a drug addict. She said she was clean before. The only thing you can do is pray for the family and her and keep it moving.” Meanwhile, another critic called it BS. They wrote, “b**lsh*t she keeps leaving rehab. She’s never been clean. She only agreed to go for Gino so that she can still get high. U need do ur research instead of watching episodes that don’t show the full story.”


Did June benefit personally?

The gofundme, set up by someone other than June, explained the fund’s for Eric’s daughter Willow. They hope that the funds help finance her education. While he succumbed to his addiction, the family loved him very much. They noted despite his addiction, he was “strong, smart, and kind hearted.” So far, the fund raised slightly more than the $10,000 target, so possibly many of June’s fans helped out.

Meanwhile, on a Facebook post, Eric’s mom pointed out that “Mama June went live in Honor of my Son @ rehab.” A follower noted, ” I watched it all.. it is amazing how many people he touched down there. ❤️ Love you… and it is so obvious how much everyone who knew your son loved him. My heart hurts for you.”

From the Facebook post and the contents of the gofundme, it seems that Mama June offered help for someone she met and cared about, rather than for personal profit. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I am Eric’s mom. The go fund me was set up by his friends he met in rehab in honor of his daughter Willow. I was the only person that could access the funds. The money was withdrawn and put into an account for Willow. Mama June shared the go fund me out of the kindness of her heart. She gained nothing from it besides respect from Eric’s family. Eric called me from rehab telling me about how he met her and how cool she really was. They connected and understood each other and their struggles. We appreciate the creators of the go fund me, the people that donated and the people that shared it.

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