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Duggar Cousin Amy King Shares How Dillon Leaves Her Sweet Messages

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Duggar fans know that cousin Amy married Dillon King and they both started their own businesses. With their son in their life now, they live rather busy lifestyles. But, when Dillon’s not around, Amy said that he leaves her sweet messages in the house. Fans love that idea, and one talked about how special that sort of thing can be.

Duggar cousin Amy gets messages from Dillon King

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Amy shared a photo of a message that Dillon left her. He wrote it on a heart-shaped piece of paper. The message read, “I hope this note starts your day off right.” He then added, “I love you so much and I hope you know how greateful I am to have you in my life, (sic).” Then, he ended with “Forever and ever.” In her caption, Amy explained how touched she felt with his messages.

Amy wrote, “My guy could pick me up in a stretched limo, fly me in a helicopter ( bachelor style) to dinner in Paris buy me exspensive stuff all night. Wine & dine me all night long and don’t get me wrong, of course I’d love that and I’d be one happy gal, (sic).” However, she feels very blessed by his “affirmations.” The Duggar cousin explained Dillon taped it to her mirror. As she pointed out, “Sometimes it just about the little things….🥰.”

Fan notices the value of messages like Dillon leaves Amy

A lot of fans liked the sentiments and the idea of a message from their loved ones. One fan shared a very touching story. @momamon wrote, “These notes ❤️❤️. My Daddy always left us girls sweet notes when he left for work.” They then explained how her step-mom and dad “also left notes for each other.” In fact, they kept “small spiral notebooks on each nightstand.” There, they left notes in the notebook for the other.” She added, “Daddy passed away 4 years ago but those notebooks make my step-mom feel like she still has a piece of him with her ❤️.”

Amy pointed out in her post, that expensive and romantic things seem very nice. But, the lasting memories come from special things in everyday life. Many Duggar fans agreed with that. And, the story about the fan who shared the longlasting impact of her dad’s notes brings home that message. Invaluable Love reminds readers that before smartphones and internet technology, messages in written form conveyed “a deep sense of intimacy.” It certainly looks like even in our technological age, that they add a spark that helps keep the romance alive between married couples.

Did you ever wake up and find a sweet message from someone you love to brighten your day? It seems like such a simple thing but could mean so very much, after all. Sound off in the comments below.

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