‘Sister Wives’ Daughter Mariah Brown Reportedly Cuts Off Anyone Who Votes The Wrong Way

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

Sister Wives star Mariah Brown’s well known for long rants on her social media. With Black Lives Matter trending at the moment, she’s right up there with very long posts about it. Obviously, anyone reading her posts can see she backs a revolution against inequality. And, she seems to strongly support defunding the police. Clearly, she’s not a Trump lover. She reportedly told followers that anyone who votes the wrong way will “lose access” to her.

Sister Wives – Vote against Mariah’s referred candidate – lose access to her

All About The Tea reported about a “cryptic” post that Mariah shared on social media. They noted she talked about the upcoming elections and gave a long list of demands. Seemingly, if you follow Mariah, you better listen to her. If people don’t vote the way she wants then they will lose “access”‘ to her. It’s not clear when the post went up, but apparently, it happened last weekend. The outlet noted she “[threatened] to axe anyone who did not heed her advice at the ballot box.”

They also suggested that in her post, Mariah even threatened her near and dear family. They wrote, “She also told her loved ones that if they vote for the candidate she’s against, they will lose “access”‘ to her.” In the post, Mariah allegedly talked about ticking the wrong box, and how things could disastrously end up bad for everyone if they choose unwisely. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time the Sister Wives daughter clashed with her family. Fans know she comes over harshly with her mom Meri when she disagrees with her. 

Mariah stops comments on many Black Live Matter posts these days

It looks like Mariah got sick and tired of anyone who questioned her about Black Lives Matter. So, quite often, she shares posts with comments off. One she shared where the comments on talks about abolishing ICE and the police. She wrote, “until police and ice are abolished. until all humans are treated with equitable respect. until we stop seeing an other and start seeing ourselves as connected. until no more blood is shed in the name of white supremacist heteropatriarchy. none of us, none of us, are free, [sic].”

Well, she reflects the beliefs of many activists right now. But when Sister Wives fans ask politely about their concerns, she ignores them. Right now, it looks like Mariah’s in lecturing mode rather than in a debating mindset. Most people agree that some sort of injustice exists in America. But would you actually cut off your loved ones if they hold a differing political stance? On May 18, she made it clear that everyone who stands against her personal feelings is against her. She wrote, ” either you are with us or you are against us.” She added, “resist. resist. resist. and then revolt.”


Denounce and disown family

What do you think about the inference by Mariah that if the Brown family don’t tick the right box, they also lose access to her? It certainly won’t be the first time in history that sort of thing happened. Plenty of people denounced and disowned their own family in historical regimes across the world. Sound off in the comments below.

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