‘Teen Mom’ Alum David Eason Slams MTV For Selective Racism After Firing Dee Nguyen

Teen Mom 2 David Eason

Teen Mom alum, David Eason didn’t share any Black Lives Matter posts last week. But, Jenelle Evan did. We reported that she held a Live on Instagram with Bo Roc, Bizzy Bone, Justified Smith, and Kyd Knarly. She wanted to give them a platform to speak about their perspectives on the George Floyd protests. But David spoke out against MTV after he heard that Dee Nguyen ended up fired from The Challenge.

Teen Mom alum David accused MTV of  ‘only taking action’ in their own interests

Fox News reported that Dee Nguyen lost her job on The Challenge after she got into a dispute on social media last week. It came after #BlackOutTuesday. Like so many other TV celebs, she got slammed about the way she posted. The mainstream site credited The Ashley’s Reality Roundup for covering the original story. MTV announced the firing of Dee via Twitter. Later, David Eason shared a copy of the tweet on his Instagram.

The spat with fans and the resultant firing from MTV involved Dee responding to critics. Part of the conversation went like this: “Wake up! People are dying,” one person said. Dee responded by saying. “People die every f**king day. U don’t know me or what I do. I suggest you wake the f**k up and get off social media.” Later she shared on twitter, “IDK why some of you think I’m anti-BLM. I’ve been saying that since the day I lost my virginity.”

To cut a long story short, Dee ended up fired for her various comments about Black Lives Matter. David Eason’s not happy, and feels MTV only takes action when it’s in their “interest.”

David Eason slams MTV as they hired Cheyenne Floyd

Fans of Teen Mom may recall that back in 2018, David Eason wanted a fight with Cheyenne Floyd’s baby daddy Cory Wharton. It came after he told MTV “he wanted to face off against David in the boxing ring,” Starcasm noted. David’s response referred to Cheyenne and he called her a “racist b*tch.” He also said, “you and your girl HATE WHITE PEOPLE so you attack the most southern one.” Well MTV reminded readers that David previously shared his feelings about Cheyenne when MTV first appointed her on the show.

The outlet noted that David posted about “tweets that Cheyenne…made that [seemed] very derogatory towards white people.” He put them up on his Facebook. Now it looks like he hung onto them as he used them again when he slammed MTV on June 9. They involved tweets where Cheyenne apparently said she “wanted to kill every white person.” She also noted her mom felt she shouldn’t see The Help, as her mom knows she “already[has] a problem with white people.” Other example tweets followed. David now slammed MTV for hiring her in the first place.

Eason rants at MTV

David said on his Instagram post on June 9, “@mtv only takes action when it benefits them, they dont actually care.” The Teen Mom then added, “If they did cheynotshy would have never been accepted to @teenmom.” He asked, “Where is the equality with these big corporations?” Finally, David Eason noted, “at this point, MTV needs to be held accountable for their racist behavior and discrimination!”

Teen mom alum david eason on MTV

Teen Mom fans who follow David reacted to the post. Some agreed with him, but others put out their message that “Reverse racism does not exist.”  Well, MTV can’t fire David as they already did that. Jenelle responded at the time, noting that MTV wouldn’t let David apologize for the racist tweets that got him fired:


It seems that David Eason still feels angry about Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd and lost no time saying it all over again when he heard that Dee Nguyen also lost her job with MTV.

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