’90 Day Fiance’: Erika Owens Shares An Erika Doll Pic

90 day fiance erika owens

90 Day Fiance star, Erika Owens took to Instagram on Monday and shared a picture of her modeling as a cute Erika doll. Fans loved it. Plenty of them said if they could, they would buy a doll just like that. Even more of them discussed Stephanie Matto and their feelings about her after the TLC Tell-All. Recall, they split and Stephanie had a lot to say about Erika.

90 Day Fiance fans support Erika and slam Stephanie on doll post

Erika seems very lovable and her fans, numerous and loyal, vented about Stephanie. The seemed particularly angry because Erika never really got much of a chance to talk about her side of things in the Tell-All. But, Stephanie put Erika down a lot. One fan wrote, “You’re an amazingly true and beautiful human! Don’t let Stephanie bring you down. She’s in the past and everyone knows she’s the toxic one with her nasty mean friends. Loves you and shine on love!”

Another 90 Day Fiance fan said to Erika, “Sorry you didn’t feel you got to have your say but fear not- you still came off very well! The other side looked like a dumpster fire and we all saw how she was gaslighting you this season. Stay sparkly!”

Actually, it seems that everyone ended up hating on Stephanie after the Before The 90 Days Tell-All. This comment explained how fans feel so bad for Erika but they feel she has a positive future: “Hello from Los Angeles! I’m obsessed with you! You’re my hero! I think you’re absolutely fabulous darling!!!! TO HELL with Stephanie! She’s just a miserable wench! You’re going to be a huge star .”

The doll that fans really want

Naturally, the potential Erika doll drew high interest. “omg Erika barbie dolls need to be a thing. Then selling the ‘outfits’ based on traveling and activities you love,” said one impressed follower.

Another person wrote, “I want an Erika doll!! you’re looking cute girlie.” Another person “wished” the doll was real, saying that they would “buy one” for sure.

“I want a glitterbuggin doll!” Said another admirer.


Well, nobody raves for a doll looking like 90 Day Fiance star Stephanie, it seems. Stephanie racked up a lot of hate and many fans never believe she really fitted into her story line. Supposedly, she preferred the same gender. But, her performance on the 90 Day Fiance show never convinced them of that. “The relationship between Erika and Stephanie felt awkward right from the start. Despite making the huge step of traveling to Australia to meet Erika, Stephanie seemed hesitant to show any intimacy or affection,” we noted.

ScreenRant wrote an article that explained Stephanie’s “abusive” treatment of Erika. In fact, they noted that she came “across as heartless and selfish.” What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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