‘VPR’: Jax Taylor Claims He Doesn’t Hate Tom Sandoval

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor

Vanderpump Rules fans saw a lot of bad feelings between Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor in the last season. Jax got unhappy when Tom threw a party on the name night as Brittany’s birthday. Plus, Tom described Jax as attention-seeking after argumentative behavior over a beach cleanup. Some VPR fans thought Jax seemed jealous of Tom’s success. But Jax said that he really doesn’t “hate” Tom Sandoval.

VPR – Jax Taylor showed bad feeling toward Tom Sandoval

One particularly snarky moment came after the episode in May where Lisa and her husband Todd praised Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz for the way TomTom performed. Todd seemed pleased that their investment nearly doubled. And they made it in the first year, which seems unusual. Lisa and Todd offered an invitation to the young entrepreneurs to invest in the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden.

Later, on a post that Jax shared, a fan talked about the success of TomTom. Jax replied in the comments but later deleted it. Nevertheless, he described the place as a “money pit.” He seemingly dissed on the two Toms in that post. Fans already knew Tom and Jax clashed repeatedly this season, so they expected more about it during the Reunion. Bravo went ahead with the VPR Reunion remotely due to the coronavirus.


Vanderpump Rules Reunion

During the Reunion, the subject of Jax and Tom Sandoval naturally arose. After all, the two men previously got along well and seemed to be friends. Jax said that the friendship ended. It no longer works for them, he feels. But, he insisted that he doesn’t “hate”  Tom. Instead, he felt they should just back off of each other a while. Jax feels there’s “nothing wrong with that. ” Perhaps later, they hook up again as friends, Jax mused.

Jax talked about the nature of people, saying sometimes they “take …different paths.” The VPR star noted that it’s a bit “sad” when that happens. However, he added, “it just wasn’t working for me anymore, personally.” The Blast reported that Lisa Vanderpump also spoke about Jax and Tom Sandoval. She talked about growth and how she feels Jax actually grew, rather than regressed. The patriarch of the Bravo show said, “I think he’s getting frustrated with people that aren’t making changes.”

VPR cast has been around for a long time

Lisa spoke about how the dynamic among the older cast members seems a bit of a touchy situation. Some people stay, content with where they got to. Others grow and seek a new direction. Actually, Lisa believes Jax is one of those who outgrew the old situation. While many fans think Jax just acts like an idiot half the time, Lisa reaffirmed her faith in him. She said Jax probably didn’t display the same old attitude that annoyed people in the past, for the sake of it. While she admits Jax can be “frustrating,” he probably just moved on in a different direction.

Some VPR fans might disagree with Lisa, as they think she always goes lightly on him after his bad behavior. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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