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Todd Chrisley Takes Some Heat After Sharing The #BlackOutTuesday Square

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Todd Chrisley gets the occasional troll but usually slaps them down quickly. However, overall, he seldom draws critics on his Instagram. In fact, the patriarch of Chrisley Knows Best seems very popular. That is until he followed the trend and shared the black square for #BlackoutTuesday. He took a bit of heat for his efforts.

Todd Chrisley shares the trending black square

Fans of Chrisley Knows Best know that Todd’s adopted granddaughter, Chloe’s a person of color. So, it’s probably no huge surprise that he shared the #BlackoutTuesday hashtag and square. Certainly, he’s not alone and thousands of people complained on social media that the campaign took over their feeds. Without getting into all the politics of it, Todd simply shared the box and tag, “#blackouttuesday.” Some people didn’t like that he just stopped with that and didn’t make an effort to promote black businesses or donate money.

Like innumerable posts on Tuesday, Todd Chrisley’s followers got into heated arguments about the current George Floyd protests. Some listed the white police officers injured. Others pointed out that George Floyd wasn’t a saint with his criminal record. Others ranted about Black Live Matter, White Lives Matter, and the rights and wrongs of the destruction of property. It’s a very sensitive topic to so many people and shows a deep division in American society, some fans think.

Critics turn on Todd

While plenty of people thanked Todd for sharing, many people also gave him some heat. And, that’s a bit unusual on his Instagram. Here’s what a few of them said to Todd:

  • “Hilarious for you to post some sh-t like this, when you have some of the most entitled kids I’ve ever seen! You’ve spoiled the sh-t out of every one of them, yet you’re going to act like you understand what the African American community is going through.”
  • “What else have you done? Have you spread any more information? You have a responsibility because you have a black daughter.”
  • “You too??? Hashtag activism? So brave. I’m out. Sadly. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”
  • “Way to be a clown Todd. I guess you’re doing #whiteoutWednesday tomorrow…then…”
  • “All of God’s children Matter!! I’m out.”
  • “Chrisleys are rich. Don’t have to do anything. Everything is done for themselves.”

Usually quick to slap back, Todd Chrisley, perhaps wisely, stayed out of it. While followers bickered amongst themselves and shared emotional viewpoints, he didn’t react to his critics. And, it’s doubtful he worried about the handful of people who said they won’t ever watch his TV show again.

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Aware of racism, Todd defends his family

Recently, Todd shared a throwback photo of Grayson and Chloe. He captioned it with, “Time is flying by with these two, I thank God each day for Chloe and Grayson, they bring so much joy to us all.” Clearly, Chloe’s totally loved and welcomed in their family. But sometimes, people attack him for that. The Blast reported on an incident back in August last year.

It happened when a fan attacked his son Kyle, Chloe’s birth mother, and Chloe. The troll said, “Your one son, whats his name Kyle went out there and knocked up that … and noe [sic] look what he left you with Coco. Planned Parenthoid would have fixed that mistake for you. Does jungle fever run in your family,[sic].”

Todd Chrisley responded with, “And just when you think the world can get no worse, this douche bag shows up, you just know that his father wishes he had left him in a Kleenex.” Todd also reminded his followers that his Instagram page belongs to him. He noted, “I can do as I please with it.”

What do you think about Todd taking some heat for sharing the #BlackoutTuesday square? Do you think that for a second, Todd might care what people say about his motives? Sound off in the comments below.

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