Kathryn Dennis Of ‘Southern Charm’ Is In Hot Water Again For Allegedly Not Paying Her Brand Manager

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The stars of Southern Charm are no strangers to controversy and often speak their minds. After a long custody battle with her ex, Kathryn Dennis’s name got dragged through the mud. Accusations included everything from using drugs to not taking care of her kids.

Kathryn Dennis stopped posting when accused of sending a racist symbol to a radio host, Tamika Gadsden saying she would make a statement later. Kathryn also told the host she should grow a pair. These things brought on criticism and some thought her apology for it wasn’t heartfelt. Initially Dennis denied knowing sending a monkey emoji to a black radio host would be offensive. She later said she was wrong and didn’t think.

Dennis reportedly hired Katherine Leonard of KL Creative to help her with her image before this fire storm took place and now she is filing a complaint against her. Being in the public eye Kathryn wanted to turn her image around and be the Southern darling of Charleston once more.

The Sun reported in documents they obtained that Leonard is requesting money to cover her filing fee and the money Dennis owes her for work completed. She reported Dennis hired her in November to give her image a complete overhaul.

What Did Kathryn Dennis Hire Leonard For?

In the statement to the court Leonard said, “I was brought on to help Kathryn Dennis rebrand herself and worked in good faith to achieve all the goals we set out for her.”

She said they worked on a strict deadline after Kathryn paid a deposit. After that she alleged she never received payment for the services she provided. Leonard said two letters sent to Kathryn’s lawyer haven’t gotten her anywhere.

On Leonard’s Instagram there are photos of Kathryn Dennis looking glam with one in a black outfit complete with cape. The caption reads, “behind the scenes, getting @kathryndennis ready for @bravocon2019 in NYC…” in another post she named herself Dennis’s brand and creative director.


Kathryn Is Having A Rough Year

Finally after getting the long custody battle for her two children behind her, it looked like Kathryn Dennis was having a change of luck. The reality star went silent on social media for a number of days. Two days ago on Twitter, she said, “For the fans that I have offended, I’m sorry. For the fans that have supported me, thank you.”

Fans have been calling her out on Twitter with comments she should put her money where her mouth is. They want her to donate to Black Lives Matter and other charities. Since Leonard has filed a claim Dennis will most likely end up back in court. Now fans are waiting to see if she will address these claims of non-payment.

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