Amber Portwood’s New Guy Dimitri Chooses Relationship-Building First

Amber Portwood

Teen Mom OG fans met Amber Portwood’s new boyfriend, Dimitri in the current season of the MTV show. Dating online, the show brings the scenes where Amber works towards him coming to the USA from Belgium. She thinks he’s marvelous. And, he seems keen to see her in her home country. However, it looks like he’s not in a huge rush to settle in with her as a life-partner. Instead, he focuses on relationship-building first.

Teen Mom OG – Amber needs her brother’s help to bring Dimitri to the USA

TV Shows Ace reported that Amber hooking up with a new man got her a lot of critics on social media. In fact, a lot of them told Dimitri to stay well away. Others think she only hooked up with him to stay relevant for the show. Plus, Dimitri already has children in Belgium. So, fans think he can’t be a very nice sort of person if he abandons them. Plus, initially, all they saw of him was via online chat. And, fans grow weary of that very quickly.

But, he arrived in the USA and in the last episode, Amber Portwood’s brother Shawn met him. He asked if Dimitri hopes to remain in the USA permanently. After all, he has kids back at home to think about. But, Dimitri seemed uncertain and just “shrugged,” People noted. Plus, Teen Mom OG star, Amber’s definitely not prepared to even consider relocating to Belgium. It sounds like the situation’s her way or the highway for Dimitri.

Shawn asks if they seek a marriage visa

When Shawn asked if they hope for a marriage visa, Dimitri said no. He’s not interested in rushing into a marriage relationship from the sound of things. He said, “I want, first of all, a relationship, and after, a visa for work.” Well, critics might think that approach from Dimitri’s rather wise, given Amber’s volatile past. But it seems that Shawn feels a bit skeptical of Dimitri’s intentions. Much like every 90 Day Fiance show on TLC, he worries the outsider just wants to use her for entry into the USA.

On the Teen Mom OG episode, Shawn told Amber to imagine if her daughter Leah told her something similar to Dimitri. He said, “Just imagine Leah saying, ‘Hey I’m dating this Belgian guy who hardly speaks any English.'”

He told Amber she knows she would wonder if he only wanted to come into the country rather than to love Leah. But, she trusts Dimitri as he passed a lie-detector test.

Amber Portwood claims she and Dimitri communicate fine

It looks like Amber won’t be put off by any of her brother’s reasoning. She claims they communicate pretty well these days. And, they really “love each other.” Do you feel the same skepticism as Shawn? And, do you agree that Dimitri seems wise to sort out their relationship before committing to marriage? Then again, he could also get a work visa and disappear from the Teen Mom OG star’s life as well. Sound off in the comments below.

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