Janelle Brown Gets Fresh Chamomile Tips From ‘Sister Wives’ Fans

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown loves nothing more than shopping at the Flagstaff Farmers Market. With the coronavirus social distancing, she can’t physically attend the market. However, she orders online. Delighted, she took to her Instagram and told her fans about it. She said that she ordered some fresh chamomile in. Fans gave her plenty of tips on the use of the herb.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown’s health and the chamomile herb

Fans who enjoy the TLC show learned from Janelle in May that she got skin cancer on her face. TV Shows Ace reported that, luckily, she got diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Very common, the treatment simply involves the removal of it. For Janelle, it involved a mole on her face that she ignored for years. However, after consulting via telemedicine, her doctor cut it out. Perhaps it leaves a minor scar? Possibly, the chamomile assists her with that.

The Sister Wives star never mentioned her skin cancer in the post about the chamomile. However, many fans pointed out the health benefits of the herb. Several Sister Wives fans mentioned they didn’t know that chamomile came with so many benefits. Some Flagstaff fans said they also plan on ordering some in, as they didn’t know the market delivers items.

Fans tips on using fresh chamomile

Many fans sent in ideas and tips. Most of them involve making a tea out of the herb. According to her followers, chamomile tea helps with digestive problems. Plus, some of them noted that the tea relaxes people and brings a soothing effect. But, plenty of other ideas emerged. Here’s what some Sister Wives fans suggested:

  • “Sounds SO FUN and interesting! Also, think of body products you could make?! Sugar chamomile scrub or infuse into coconut oil for moisturizer.”
  • “Chamomile baths…so relaxing.”
  • “Try the Strawberry Chamomile cake look it up on Pinterest! ♥️”
  • “If you boil it drain it and use the washer as conditioner it keeps your hair blonde.”
  • “Fresh Chamomile is so versatile and it smells great. Lemon Balm as well as most herbs have so many uses… I saw a Chamomile, Lavender, Ginger tea that looked mighty good!”

Sister Wives fans mentioned other things like dry flower arrangements. Plus, it sounds very easy to grow at home. But, most commonly, they recommend it as a good tea that helps with insomnia.


Chamomile helps with skin conditions and scars

Live Strong talks about how chamomile tea helps with skin conditions.  If Janelle Brown hopes that any scarring from her minor surgery goes away, she may use it to help with that. The website noted that it works well with “Acne scars.” The herb contains many antioxidants as well. But, Sister Wives fans should take care when using it. The website cited Drugs.com for warnings. Pregnant women should stay away from it. Those with allergies to any ragweed or aster plants (daisies) should also avoid using it.

Did you ever use chamomile for scarring or as a tea? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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