‘Bachelor’ Alum Victoria Fuller Jokes About Leaving Chris Soules Iowa Farm

'Bachelor' alum Victoria Fuller via Instagram

Bachelor fans were shocked when they figured out there was a new couple in Bachelor Nation. Apparently, former Bachelor Chris Soules slid into Victoria Fuller’s DM’s. They hit it off and she went to his farm in Arlington, Iowa. Neither have actually addressed their relationship. However, Victoria did post a photo that she captioned “Farm life.” Now, fans are wondering about what is going on with these two. Victoria shared a photo from her car with bags. She said “I’VE ESCAPED.” What does it all mean?

Victoria left the farm

US Weekly shared details about what Victoria shared on Instagram. She posted a photo showing her packed car and said “I’VE ESCAPED.” She also tagged fellow Bachelor contestant Kelsey Weier. Kelsey lives in Des Moines, Iowa which is only 180 miles from Soules farm in Arlington.

Victoria later showed pics of herself with Kelsey. The two were drinking wine and having some girl fun. They also had other fun while she was in town. So what does this all mean for Victoria and Chris?


She was definitely joking

Of course the post caused speculation that perhaps there was trouble on the farm. However, it’s pretty clear she was only joking. Victoria seems to be enjoying her time on the farm. In the past few weeks she has shared videos of her dog playing catch and having fun.

Today, Victoria shared another Instagram story showing what can be assumed is Chris playing fetch with her dog. So, it looks like she was simply visiting a friend and now is back with Chris.

Chris and Victoria

The two started all the speculation last month when fans picked up on the fact that she and Chris connected on Instagram. She then ended up in Iowa. Fans figured out she was really there based on similar photos and past pictures of Soules’ house. He had Jillian Harris redesign his house and she had photos displayed on her website.

Bachelor fans are not the only ones shocked by Chris and Victoria’s relationship. His friends have also expressed surprise. However, everyone is being very supportive if these two make each other happy. They both have had some rocky times and deserve love and happiness.

So far neither one has come right out and addressed the relationship rumors. There has also been no definitive pictures of them together. However, they have made it clear in a roundabout way that they are an item. Hopefully they will share with fans what is going on behind closed doors very soon.

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