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Did Andy Cohen Meet Anderson Cooper’s Baby Yet?

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Anderson Cooper seemed over the moon with happiness when his son, Wyatt Morgan arrived. Like his friend Andy Cohen, at one stage, raising a child seemed impossible. But he saw Andy go through the birth of his son Ben and followed suit. Andy Cohen also seemed delighted at the news of Wyatt’s birth and he helped Anderson out with hand-me-down clothing, But, did Andy actually meet the sweet baby yet?

Anderson Cooper and Andy are best friends, Benjamin Maisani is co-parenting Wyatt

Fans know that Andy Cohen and Cooper remain the very best of friends. While he seems delighted about the baby and offered advice, Anderson’s ex, Benjamine Maisani will co-parent Wyatt. TV Shows Ace reported that Ben and Anderson dated for around three years before they split in 2018. But if Andy Cohen acted differently, he and Anderson might have become a couple as well. However, People noted Anderson felt Andy wanted to rush things, so he backed off. Nevertheless, they remain friends to this day.

Fans know Anderson Cooper chatted on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. He mentioned that Benjamin Maisani met Wyatt. In fact, he was present at the birth of the baby. But did Andy Cohen meet the cute little boy? Over on his Instagram, Andy Cohen often mentions Wyatt and Anderson these days. In fact he donated the hand-me-downs from his own son Ben to Wyatt. And, his nanny who helped raise Ben also looks after Wyatt these days.

Did Andy meet Wyatt yet?

ET Online reported about Andy and baby Wyatt. In their exclusive, Andy mentioned once more that he donated clothing to Wyatt. He said that Ben’s current jammies will one day go to Waytt and Anderson said that he loves them. The two FaceTime a lot, according to Andy, stay in contact daily. They also message one another and chat on the phone. Andy revisited the fact that he recommended his nanny to Anderson. Andy also talked about how he gave as many tips about parenting as he could to Anderson.

But Andy confessed he never actually met Wyatt in the flesh. He noted, “I have seen him from afar, but I have not gotten to snuggle with him.'” He added, “He is so cute!” Well, with the coronavirus going around, it’s reasonable that Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen are wary about people getting close to their kids. After all, Andy got sick with the virus. So, he knows just how bad it can be. Meanwhile, the jammies that Andy mentioned got shared on his Instagram.

Ben’s jammies destined for Anderson Cooper’s son

Andy Cohen shared a pic of Ben in his cute jammies. He wrote, “Three cheers for PJ Party!” No wonder Anderson Cooper loved them and can’t wait for Ben to outgrown them. Fans also loved them.

Do you agree that it’s best for now that Andy Cohen only sees Anderson Cooper’s son from a distance? Sound off in the comments below.

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Three cheers for PJ Party!

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