Chris Soules, Victoria Fuller Share New Instagram Stories, Is She Back In Iowa?

'Bachelor' alum Victoria Fuller via Instagram

Former Bachelor Chris Soules sparked rumors of a new romance last month when he slid into Victoria Fuller’s DM’s. The two must have really hit it off because she ended up in Iowa. Fans specualated for awhile and worked hard to find proof she was there. Then, Victoria finally confirmed she was there by sharing a picture captioned “Farm life.” She even tagged her location as Arlington, Iowa. This is of course where Chris lives.

It appears Victoria is back in Iowa in Chris

Nobody seems to know exactly what is going on between these two. Victoria seemingly ended up back home in Virginia Beach after revealing her original location. She was posting photos of restaurant take out and tagging local Virginia Beach locations. However, now, it looks like she may be back in Iowa.

Just Wednesday, Victoria shared an Instagram story of a man playing catch with what appears to be her dog in a big yard. It was obviously in the country and looked an awful lot like what you’d find in Iowa. It was hard to decipher if the man was for sure Chris, but it looks like it probably was.

Then, last night, Chris shared an Instagram story making popcorn. Towards the end of the video a woman’s voice can be heard. Is it Victoria? Another story was also added from Chris’ living room. The video showed a woman sitting beside him and the same dog catching popcorn. Only the woman’s legs can be seen wearing white pants. And, the dog again looks exactly like Victoria’s. If this is her, she and her fur baby made the trip to see Chris.

Do you think Victoria made the trip back to Iowa to spend more time with Chris?

Bachelor Nation has been shook

Many fellow Bachelor alums have been completely shocked by this new relationship. While most are extremely happy for Chris and Victoria, many did not see it coming. Tanner Tolbert is one who is completely shocked. Jade Tolbert said it’s all very random. Tanner said he wants to ask Chris about it, but doesn’t want to pry.

Ben Higgins who is a good friend of Chris’ also expressed surprise. However, he has nothing but good things to say about Chris and wishes him happiness. With that said, he does really wish Chris would open to him about what is going on.

So far, neither Chris nor Victoria has had any comments on the status of their relationship. It looks like if she is already back in Iowa, maybe things are really heating up between them. What do you think about these two as a couple? Stay tuned as more news becomes available.

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