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‘RHONJ’: Joe Giudice Side Hustles Vibrators And Lands A Spot With Casting Agency

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RHONJ fans heard that unfortunately, Joe Giudice lost his final appeal to return to the USA. Now he looks at never returning to his lifestyle in the states, he still needs an income. These days, he’s a different sort of man. Softer, seemingly humble, he resorted to selling promos for vibrators for an income. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star also landed another spot working for a casting agency.

RHONJ star, Joe Giudice promos vibrators for Mothers Day

Joe Giudice paid a massive price for breaking the law, TV Shows Ace reported. “After pleading guilty to mail fraud and other charges,” he served his time but went into ICE custody as he never applied for citizenship in the country. Rather than sit out months in prison, he relocated to Italy. After two appeals, Teresa sounded devastated. But, his third and final attempt came to nothing. Bravo TV reported that he got turned down on April 29.

In other reports about the RHONJ star, we reported that fans think Italy’s done Joe the world of good. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey businessman seems humble and kinder. He “adopted” a dog that irritated him with its barking. Nowadays, he walked it daily. Plus, he got spotted wearing an apron and while assisting his community with meals. He tries staying positive, but every now and then his heartbreak comes through. Obviously, he misses his daughters terribly. But, a man’s gotta earn a living, so he started a side hustle selling vibrators and other intimate toys online. Plus, he also landed another spot with a casting agency.

Joe announces his promo for vibrators on Mother’s Day, and other income sources

Joe’s not confined to just promoting vibrators to earn some cash. He also teamed up with casting agencies. But, his new venture advertised vibrators for Mother’s Day. Actually, he changed his profile to say, “Partner, European Distributor, Zalo USA.” US Weekly reports they specialize in intimate toys. He shared a promo with a discount code on his Instagram Stories on May 5. It’s not clear who in the world would buy their mom a vibrator, but perhaps he targets the men with girlfriends and wives.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s efforts with vibrators might give fans a giggle, as he’s got a bit of a rep as a ladies man. But for Joe, earning an income’s no laughing matter. In fact, when we reported on him taking walks, our video mentioned he visited a ruined church on a hill. Talking about a fix-up challenge, his hankering for construction came out in his voice. Maybe one day, Joe will get back to his mainstream business in Italy. But for now, the RHONJ star also got another gig with a casting agency.

Joe announced his gig with a casting company

On April 28. Joe took to his main Instagram page and announced his venture with casting. He said, “have some exciting TV News coming soon. I’m also partnered up w/ @robynjlevy for @thefactsofwife_tv and @hoodpranks @redcoralcasting.” Joe said he’s “casting around the country!” Fans seemed very happy for Joe and plenty of them commented on his good news.

One RHONJ fan said, “Congratulations! Glad you are working with people who have always cared for you and know you are a good guy!” Another one noted, “All the best and good luck! But please keep being the humble, fun guy you are now. Always remember these different but humbling times.❣️”

Well, many fans agree Joe Giudice seems humbler, fun, and nicer these days. Perhaps his new side-hustle will remind him that adversity sometimes brings the best out of people. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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