‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Invite Matt And Caryn To Their Wedding – Will They Go?

Little People, Big World: Caryn Chandler - Matt Roloff

LPBW fans know that Chris Marek proposed to Amy Roloff. She’s excited and so are her fans. Of course, people hope the wedding gets screened in a special so everyone can enjoy the moment. Amy said she opted for a full wedding as Chris never experienced one before. But it only takes place next year sometime. Interestingly, Amy and Chris invited Matt and Caryn to the wedding. But, will they go along?

LPBW – Excitement cranks up for Amy and Chris Marek as his proposal, aired

Ahead of this week’s episode, TV Shows Ace reported that Amy excitedly announced that fans would see Chris propose to her. Well, her excitement resulted in her fans getting as excited as kids on Christmas Eve. Many fans of Little People, Big World feel very happy Amy found love again. She and Matt married, but later, fans watched their relationship unwind. Finally, they divorced and Matt moved on with Caryn Chandler. Matt and Caryn brought some controversy to the show and to Amy Roloff. But these days, they seem to make an effort to all get along.

Fans noted that Caryn, in particular, likes keeping things friendly and civil. Actually, Amy poured out her anger in her book, A Little Me. And, maybe that brought some closure for her. These days, she also makes an effort with Caryn and Matt. Naturally, fans of LPBW wonder about the wedding that Amy plans for 2021. On her Facebook, Amy noted her move off the farm swallowed a lot of her budget. With the move, the coronavirus, and money shortage, she decided next year might be better than in 2020. The media already speculate on whether she and Chris invited Matt and Caryn. And, even if they do, will they go?

Amy and Chris plan on Matt and Caryn getting a wedding invite

US Weekly reported that Amy and Chris plan an invite to the Little People, Big World patriarch, and  Caryn. Amy told the outlet that “It’s not like they’re not going to be invited.” But, she also felt that potentially her ex-husband and Caryn might not attend. Meanwhile, Chris Marek felt that if they opted for attending the wedding, they would be “welcome.” But both of them hope that family and friends attend with genuine joy for the couple, rather than out of some sort of obligation. Of course, that puts the pressure on Matt and Caryn.

It’s easy to imagine future headlines. No matter what Caryn and Matt do, the LPBW couple likely faces a dramatic angle from the tabloid media. Already, headlines come to mind, like “Caryn steals Amy’s special day,” or “Matt snubs ex-wife Amy, refuses her wedding invitation.” It looks like a sticky situation, but really the outcome lies with those people actually involved in the family. No doubt, Matt plans on thinking it over deeply.

Caryn suggested it’s a yes from her about the Little People, Big World wedding

US Weekly also spoke with Matt and Caryn about the invitation to Amy’s wedding. While Matt still seems a bit uncertain, Caryn came over quite positive. She feels, “time heals, and so everything is moving in a good trajectory right now.” From her perspective, “hard feelings” got left behind and everyone moves forward.  She noted the common love both couples feel for their grandchildren. Plus, Caryn said she’s very “happy for Amy.”

Whether Matt and Caryn end up at the LPBW wedding lies way in the future. And, shortly after that, they plan on tying the knot as well. What do you think? While Chris and Amy seemingly don’t mind, Amy sounds a bit uncertain, and so does Matt. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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