’90 Day Fiance’: Stephanie Matto’s Done With Hate, Deactivates Her Instagram Account

90 Day Fiance Stephanie matto and Erika

90 Day Fiance fans saw Adam, Erika’s friend getting a bit close and personal with her. Stephanie freaked about it at a party. The episode showed Stephanie and Erica fighting a lot in Australia. And, Stephanie got quite a lot of hate from fans. They think she just acted the role of wanting a lesbian relationship. However, she deactivated her account suggesting it was because of hate on Adam and Erika.

90 Day Fiance – Stephanie said she won’t feature on any future shows in the franchise

TV Shows Ace reported ahead of the dramatic exit from Instagram, that Stephanie hates the idea of any further work with the franchise.  Plus, she regretted going on it in the first place. Stephanie felt the cameras made it rather hard for a real relationship. Now that she deactivated her account, that seems rather extreme. Bear in mind, her income revolves around her status as a social influencer.

Maybe that accounts for why she never took down her YouTube account. Over there, she garnered loads of followers even before 90 Day Fiance. Some visitors to her YouTube noted in the comments that her Instagram went down. Yes, it certainly did, but if you missed it, she warned her followers about hate before she did that. It came ahead of the episode where she and Erik fought and Adam made her feel all jealous.

Stephanie claims her accounts down because of hate on Erika and Adam

ET Online reminded fans about the big drama they saw in the episode in Australia. The whole thing seemed a fail. After an argument in the BNB, Erika gave Stephanie flowers to placate her. But, then it carried over to a party Erika arranged so Stephanie could meet her friends. There she met Adam. Previously, Adam and Ericka made out. Super-jealous, Stephanie hated that he seemed too flirtatious with Erika. But, bear in mind, Stephanie acted so awkwardly about intimacy with Erika, fans wondered if she really wanted a lesbian relationship.

When the episode aired, Stephanie told her 90 Day Fiance followers via her Instagram Stories, that she expected a lot of hate. Interestingly, despite all the hate she got, she claimed she worried about hate on Adam and Erika. In her story, she said that she “strongly” felt people should not hate on them. Stephanie felt that hate won’t solve any issues between her, Erika, and Adam. The next thing that happened, is that she deactivated her Instagram account. Skeptical fans think maybe she got the hate rather than Erika.

90 Day Fiance Stephanie Matto deactifies account

Blogger for 90 Day Fiance, John Yates shared the news about the deactivated account

Taking to his Instagram, John Yates wrote, “After last night’s episode aired Stephanie deactivated her account.” Not very sympathetic, followers over there felt Stephanie only deactivated it because of her own hate and not Erika’s. One 90 Day Fiance critic said, “Lol Stephanie really thinks people are hating on Ericka? No girl, the problem is you and only you!!”

What do you think about Stephanie deactivating her Instagram account? Do you believe her motivation stems from concern about Erika and Adam? Or is she just over the hate on her own page? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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