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Reality Steve Admits He Was Wrong, ‘BIP’ Alum Jenna Cooper Clears The Air About Allegations Which Ended Jordan Kimball Relationship

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Wow! Bachelor Nation news continues to shake things up. In the latest news today, Reality Steve admits he was wrong about the allegations against Jenna Cooper. Jordan Kimball and Jenna met on Bachelor in Paradise and fell in love. However, texts surfaced that indicated Jenna was cheating on Jordan. Their relationship did not end well. Now, Jenna is speaking up after nearly two years and setting the records straight to clear her name.

Jenna goes on Reality Steve’s podcast to share the truth

On the podcast that aired April 16, Jenna is able to clear her name and put the awful allegations to rest. It was back in September 2018 that Reality Steve confirmed the cheating rumors surrounding Jenna and Jordan. He also now admits it was his story that led to them breaking up. Steve now says he was wrong. Not only did he admit his part in being wrong, he removed all the previous stories that involved the misinformation.

Jenna had wanted to speak up sooner, however, her contracts with The Bachelor would not allow her to. Jenna reached out to Steve to help her set the record straight a few weeks ago. Together, they have concluded that someone was out to sabotage her relationship with Jordan. The texts were doctored and determined to not be fake. Furthermore, since the texts looks authentic, Jordan believed them.

What exactly happened?

Steve now says whoever was behind these malicious texts are sick. They were out to sabotage Jenna and Jordan’s relationship. While Jenna admits she and Jordan had communication issues, she wishes he would have come to her. She said, “Our biggest issue was miscommunication. Him getting these awful messages from whoever is creating this. I was getting awful messages too, but I chose not to believe it. The difference is he wasn’t coming to me with that.”

Fans bullied Jenna when the allegations surfaced. She was even receiving threats. She denied the allegations from the beginning, but most didn’t believe her.

Aside from talking to Steve, Jenna went to Instagram to share a lengthy post about everything that has happened. In the post she said, “I want to move on. I want to just be done with it. Maybe I’ll never know. I denied it from the very beginning, but no one would listen. And, I didn’t have much support from people that I thought I could trust. I was extremely sad and confused why anyone would want to make this up about me and wondering what I ever did to deserve the bullying and threats I received.”

She even says she spent all of the money she made on BIP to have her phone analyzed and try to clear her name. Jenna was glad to open up to Steve and work with him to put the allegations to rest.

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This has been a long time coming. For anyone who doesn’t recognize this dress, this day, this devastation…September 11th 2018 was supposed to be the day where I happily announced my engagement during the Bachelor in Paradise finale show. Instead, I was very publicly accused of cheating with a “sugar daddy.” 3 poorly crafted fake text screenshots were posted all over online, and my fiancé went on an interview rampage claiming it was all true and dumped me on Instagram. I denied it from the very beginning, but no one would listen, and I didn’t have much support from people that I thought I could trust. That huge smile on my face was wiped off for months. I was extremely sad and confused why anyone would want to make this up about me, and wondering what I ever did to deserve the bullying and threats I received. I was told by the network to stay quiet because of my contract, and later came to them with the proof my attorneys and I found, but they wouldn’t help stop the attacks and lies. Looking back, I wish I would have spoken up sooner, and could have shared with you what was going on. After I proved the texts never came from my phone, the story gets more interesting as I later found proof of two different women (that I’ve never even met), who were involved in helping create this whole scandal. I spoke with Reality Steve, and we exchanged information and put the pieces together to prove how this smear campaign was created. I am glad I finally reached out to him to clear this up, and thankful that he retracted the story, deleted everything, and apologized. I know many of you have been patiently waiting to find out the real story of what happened..So we recorded a podcast with more details which is up right now if you’d like to listen. I did this for all of you who have supported me, my family, and especially my daughter. I want to teach her how important it is to stand up for yourself no matter who might come against you, to stay true to your morals and who you are, and that God knows your heart and will always protect you. So happy to clear my name and move on from all of this!❤️ #Vindicated #BachelorInParadise #AndThatsTheTea

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Jenna is moving on

Now that she has been able to clear her name with Reality Steve’s help, Jenna is ready to move on. She recently announced her pregnancy with boyfriend Karl and looks incredibly happy. Meanwhile, Jenna is enjoying her pregnancy and looking forward to welcoming their first child soon. In addition to her coming baby, Jenna has a pet pig she adores.

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