‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Breaks Two-Month Internet Silence With Positive Message

Unexpected Max

Unexpected fans last heard from Max Schenzel on Instagram on February 4. It came shortly before news broke that he got into trouble with the law. Fans also heard that Chloe Mendoza sent him back to his dad, but he got arrested again. Unfortunately, he faced some charges that could have been felonies.

Unexpected – Max Schenzel and Chloe split over addiction issues and domestic clashes

Max, as fans know, arrived on the TLC show with historical run-ins with the law. Young, he got probation but seemed over-confident that could protect him for doing time forever.  In fact, he told Chloe to stop stressing as they wouldn’t send him jail. Chloe warned him that if he did, that would be it. No more seeing his daughter, she added. But, TV Shows Ace reported, he’s no longer protected by probation. In fact, in a very short period of time, reports came out that he got picked up by the police after two domestic clashes with Chloe Mendoza.

Starcasm reported a new arrest after Chloe sent him home to his dad. The outlet revealed that Max allegedly assaulted a police officer. It all revolved around the unlawful use of a vehicle. Plus, the involvement of “stolen property” didn’t help.  As Starcasm pointed out, “Aggravated assault on an officer and unlawful use of means of transportation are both felonies.” And, his probation officer pretty much washed her hands over him always breaching his conditions. Now, the troubled Unexpected star resurfaced on Instagram, sounding quite positive.

Positive Max on Instagram, fans continue to encourage him

After two months of silence, Max pitched back up on Instagram on Thursday. He posted a photo of himself with a friend and captioned it, “Back on the path to success ✔️.” Well, fans heard that sort of thing before. And they, they continue to encourage him. Many of his followers experienced addiction issues themselves. They, in particular, offer him advice. One person said, “Stay focused and stay positive. People places and things are key in staying clean. I WILL HAVE 8 YEARS IN SEPTEMBER. Another piece of advice, if you start thinking about using talk about it. once u say it out loud it will leave ur thoughts Promise.”

Other Unexpected fans also urged him to do the right thing and stay out of trouble. One follower commented, “Ignore the haters. We all make mistakes. No one has any room to judge! If you want it bad enough, you will achieve it…no excuses!” Well, that’s a bit of tough love, and people sincerely hope he gets his life sorted out. They like him, and only wish the best for the young man.


What do you think about Max Schenzel making a positive comeback to Instagram? Do you also hope that this time, his declaration to succeed works for him? Sound off your thoughts in the comment below.

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