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Lisa Vanderpump Is Devastated About Closing Her Restaurants

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The coronavirus is affecting a lot of restaurant owners negatively. Lisa Vanderpump is one of those restaurant owners. When non-essential businesses closed down, Lisa closed all four of her locations. She owns TomTom with Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, Villa Blanca, SUR, and PUMP. All of her restaurants are located in Las Vegas. A constantly busy woman, the COVID-19 crisis is likely weighing on her. It’s a stressful time for just about everyone right now.

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Lisa Vanderpump said, “it’s been devastating. It’s not just our business. It’s our life as well.” She is particularly worried about her employees. She adds that so many of their employees have worked there for years. And, now it’s come to the point where they have to get unemployment. She said she’s sad she has to stay away from her venues and can’t check in.

Rachel Leviss Opens Up About Unemployment From SUR

According to US Weekly, Rachel Leviss, a waitress at SUR, opened up about her unemployment on Instagram. She said, “I apologize to those who have reached out requesting $ from me to help with hardships.” She said while she feels bad, she’s not in a place to donate right now.

Rachel is in the same boat as many in the hospitality and tourism industry right now. There’s no money to be made except what you can pull from unemployment.

Lisa Vanderpump Hopes They’ll Make It Through To The Other Side Unscathed

One of the restaurants Lisa Vanderpump runs, TomTom, raised money for their staff shortly after they had to shut down. Sandoval and Schwartz led the charge at Cameo when they knew they’d have to shut down. Lisa thinks she’ll be able to open back up with her staff.

LA is on the path of the same level of sickness and death as New York. According to Page Six, Lisa is staying optimistic. She says, “Hopefully we’ll be along with Lance, one of the businesses that survives this because a lot of people won’t and it’s a real worry.” She is referring to her best friend Lance Bass who owns Rocco’s WeHo.

Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t mention her dog rescue business, but their social media is still sharing adoptions, so they’re open in at least some capacity. Vanderpump Rules fans hope she’s able to get back on her feet soon and that all their favorite SURvers will still have jobs once the coronavirus is over.

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