‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold Confirms She Works From Home During Social-Distancing

The Little Couple Jen Arnold and Bill

The Little Couple fans know that Dr. Jen Arnold’s the adoptive mom of Will and Zoey. Plus, she’s a highly respected member of the Johns Hopkins Hospital staff. She’s a well-qualified doctor in neonatal medicine and in the past, we saw her post about her both teaching and learning. Recently, fans saw her post about the reasons people should stay at home. Fans wondered if she stayed home or went to the hospital like other healthcare workers during the coronavirus. But, she confirmed in a new post that she works from home.

The Little Couple – Dr. Jen Arnold talks about the coronavirus and staying home

TV Shows Ace reported that Jen Arnold labored the point of staying home to crush those rising virus cases. And as she’s a doctor, she probably knows that better than most people. She actually described it as a “critical time,” and noted that staying home means we “keep each other healthy.” At the time, fans wondered if she worked from home or went into the hospital as it’s an essential service at the moment. But we speculated that perhaps she stays home because she had “cancer and other health issues, so technically, that could put her in a high-risk category for the coronavirus.”

She never answered fans who questioned her about staying home, but we surmised that sooner or later, The Little Couple star would mention something. And on Monday night, she did just that. On her Instagram page, Jen posted about cooking. She said that she cooks when “working from home.” One follower said that they expected she’d be “glued to the hospital.” But we mentioned maybe she’s high risk. And, as she does a lot of teaching, she could perhaps run classes from home.

Jen Arnold cooks Tuesday tacos on Mondays

Jen shared a photo of herself looking rather frazzled. She captioned it with, “When working from home…I make taco Tuesday dinner on Monday!” Next, she used the hashtags “#tryingtostaysane,” “#weareinthistogether,” and “#stayhome.” Plus she reminded followers, “#washyourhands,” “#socialdistancing.” “#covid-19,” and “#littlecouple.” Fans of the TLC show forgave her for making tacos on Mondays. After all who knows what the day is, actually? And, naturally, just talking about them makes everyone want one!

One The Little Couple follower joked, “Taco Tuesday on a Monday??? You’re getting a bit wild 😜Hope you’re doing well 🙂.” Then another one commented, “We had taco salad Monday over here. Every day could be taco day. 🌮🌮🌮🌮 Yum!!” Others said that tacos should actually be allowed every day. Meanwhile, lots of fans hoped that the family stays safe and well during the virus.


So, it looks like Jen works from home and takes over the role of cook, at least on Mondays. Do you agree that tacos should be allowed every day seeing they taste so yummy? Sound off your thoughts in the comments bel0w.

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