’90 Day Fiance’: Annie Toborowsky Starts Churning Out COVID-19 Masks

90 Day Fiance David Toborowsky and Annie

90 Day Fiance fans simply love David and Annie Toborowsky. Their popularity heightened on Pillow Talk. Plus, Annie often posts hilarious things on Instagram, like last year’s Christmas greeting. Other fans love seeing her in the kitchen preparing delicious-looking meals. But for now, she put aside that frivolity and focuses on churning out masks for the COVID-19 epidemic.

90 Day Fiance – popular Annie Toborowsky

Annie and David built a reputation for mentoring newcomers to the TLC franchise. They seemed very kind-hearted and although they seemed an unlikely couple, they sit at the pinnacle of success with TLC. Their hilarious comments on Pillow Talk garnered them even more fans. And, Annie’s sense of humor gets them giggling a lot. Her Christmas greeting delivered plenty of smiles. we reported. The other cooking skills go down very well with fans of the show as well.

TLCme reported as far back as 2018 that she turns out some amazing recipes. Later, the couple became active on YouTube and Annie cooks away happily to the delight of 90 Day Fiance foodies. Over there, fans watch her prepare things like Thai Fried Rice With Shrimp, and Thai fried Quail Eggs Wontons.  Yummy appetizers and other meals appear there and fan clamor for her to get her very own official show. But, she’s putting that on the backburner now and focussing on helping out with the coronavirus pandemic.

Annie making masks during the COVID-19 pandemic

Taking to his Instagram this week, David told his fans about Annie’s new direction. He shared a photo of her sitting at a table with her sewing machine. He captioned it with, “Annie’s Kitchen is temporarily closed because The Annie Factory is open until the end of Covid 19.” David then said that she plans on “making as many masks as she can. Stand by for more info.” Finally, he wished happiness and safety for his followers. He ended by saying, “We love you all and if we all stick together nothing bad can happen.”

Fans responded, and here’s what some of them said to their 90 Day Fiance favorites:

  • “She cooks she sees she’s funny – what more can she do – god bless and stay safe.”
  • “Omg. I’d love to purchase one she makes!”
  • “Love you guys! As a nurse I know how appreciative other nurses and healthcare workers are to have people like you jumping in to help!”
  • “Would love one of her masks! On the front line as a phlebotomist.. that’s awesome of her! We love you guys!”
  • “David can I buy a mask or more? I am a nurse at a busy Chicago Hospital? I will gladly pay.”

However, the 90 Day Fiance star replied to the nurse, noting. “we are not [charging] and they are not commercial or hospital grade. Send me a DM and I will mail one out tomorrow.”

Annie makes tutorial

One 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “I would love to see a tutorial on how you make these. I suffer from an autoimmune disease and would love to be able to make some cute ones to wear, especially at this time 💗.” David answered them saying, “we are trying to do that.”


What do you think about Annie Toborowsky ditching her kitchen for now and churning out masks for COVID-19? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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