Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Of ‘LPBW’ Get Dragged For Super Privileged Comments

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Like a lot of reality stars lately, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World, are urging their fans to stay at home. The couple recently used the podcast Behind The Scenes to share tips for getting through being in isolation. Their tips rubbed some people the wrong way. For one they talked about keeping their toddler, Ember cooped up in the house during this trying time.

One fan said, “All due respect. Ember is hardly cooped up. Your stories show her out on the farm every day.” She said they literally couldn’t leave their homes.  Other listeners also told the reality stars off about their, “privileged comments.”

Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Seemed Out Of Touch To Some Fans

When Jeremy and Audrey Roloff shared their thoughts on the Coronavirus, they talked about what they are doing to cope. According to Pop Culture, Jeremy said they would share, “how we’re dealing with a tired and wired Ember girl, the complexity of our cultural moment, how we are handling it, and our thoughts on the coming weeks.” It was saying they were cooped up when they have a huge farm to ride go-carts on that bothered some listening to the podcast.

One fan said, “I understand you don’t understand what the majority of us are dealing with. You are wealthy. You have the farm to go to,” one listener wrote. “I am low-income. Yet needed. I put my family at risk every day to bring people food and supplies.” The fan wanted to know why they felt qualified to tell their listeners how to feel.

Did The Reality Stars Respond To Those Trying To Educate Them?

That same fan continued letting Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have it according to In Touch. She said, “You live in a bubble the majority of us have no access to, and we have worked hard. We just did not have a TV show that shot us into the public eye. You did not get famous on your own talents.” She also went on to say, because she expressed her family had no choice but to work.

Instead of responding to all comments, they only responded to the positive comments. It seems they didn’t want to address the negative. The long comment got deleted, because it is no longer on their feed. It is unclear if  the Roloffs did that or the one who commented. The couple may be more mindful of their comments in the future, because of the backlash.

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