’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Larina Says They Find Out If Sasha’s Got Coronavirus In 48 Hours

90 Day Fiance Emily Larina and Sasha

90 Day Fiance star Emily Larina’s desperately worried about Sasha who’s been sick for a couple of days now. She posted up that he’s been really ill. But, he couldn’t get tested for Corronavirus as they said he wasn’t “high risk enough.” But now, it looks like he took turn for the worse and they probably tested him. Emily said on Saturday night that they should find out in 48 hours.

90 Day Fiance – Emily Larina fears for Sasha, took him back to health care

Emily posted on her Instagram that Sasha showed symptoms of “a fever… aches and stomach pain.” She noted that he didn’t have a cough, but she took him for testing. Nevertheless, “they won’t test him. He’s not high risk enough. They sent him home” One of her followers said to Emily, “His symptoms are worrisome. 🙏” Well, since then. Emily took to her Instagram Stories to update her followers about Sasha.

In her two posts, four hours apart, Emily noted that Sasha got much worse. She said he didn’t “make any improvement” and eventually, as he suffered so much pain, she “took him to the ER.” Later she updated saying that they sent him home again, but they “suspect COVID-19.” While she waited, it seemed like a difficult time for Emily. She said that she’s “never seen Sahsa like this.” Then the 90 Day Fiance star talked about how she could only sit and wait as she couldn’t go in and see him.

90 day fiance emily larina and sasha
Image credits – Emily Larina | Instagram Stories

48 hours to find out if Shasha has the Coronavirus

In her update post, Emily said that they “suspect Coronavirus.” She added, apparently, sometimes it presents with “serious stomach pains.” Then she noted, “We’ll know in 48h.”  Emily sounds so very worried and just a short while back, they felt so hopeful. On her main page, she said, “Just a couple weeks ago Sasha…got a job.” She noted that they “found an apartment.” Things really looked good for them. But she noted, “Things can change so fast.” Finally, she urged people to keep their “loved ones safe.”

In the meantime, she also said that she feels okay and her son who she looks after also seems fine. Naturally, her very concerned 90 Day Fiance fans hope that things turn out okay for all of them. Before her latest updates about waiting for 48 hours, TLC fans chipped in their thoughts on Emily’s Instagram page. One, a health care worker, said, “Those 3 are signs of Covid-19. I’m [a] nurse. Please keep distance, increase the cleaning, give to him masks to use all day. Use clorox wipes everywhere, and keep him laying down relaxing. I know it is a [tough] time… God bless you.”


Hopefully, Sasha rallies and gets better soon. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Sasha and Emily. Hopefully, their next update brings the news the 90 Day Fiance star’s Coronavirus-free.

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