‘VPR’: Jax And Brittany Think ‘My 600-Lb Life’ Is Next For Them Thanks To Quarantine Snacking

VPR Jax Taylor - Brittany Cartwright

VPR stars, like lots of people in LA and throughout the world, self-quarantine or take social-distancing very seriously. Lisa Vanderpump told her fans she hopes to share some clips with them during her isolation and encouraged donations to food banks. Meanwhile, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright also stay at home with the dogs. Jax shared on Instagram about some of what they’re up to. He teased how they worry about eating way too much.

VPR – Jax shares about the scale, Brittany, and My-600-Lb Life

One thing about Jax, Vanderpump Rules fans are guaranteed a wry smile and a bit of a laugh. Everyone hears so much bad news about the coronavirus these days, it’s really hard to stay positive. Even Lisa Vanderpump took to Twitter on Tuesday night sounding really down. She posted a tweet that read, “Maybe time to just tune in for an hour…#PumpRules. Overwhelmed with depressing news. Sending love to all.” But some fans feel that a chuckle helps a bit. And, Jax and Brittany certainly didn’t disappoint.

Jax took to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday and shared a bit of what they’re up to right now. Well, the dogs look super-comfy with food and cushions and the TV to watch. Or, cuddle up with mom while she puts together a ginormous puzzle. Jax then showed a video of him walking into the kitchen. There, fans see the VPR stars placed their bathroom scale in front of the refrigerator. Jax also wrote, “So after this quarantine, will the producers of My 600 Pound Life find me, or do I call them, or how does this work?”

Jax isn’t alone with over-eating concerns

The Vanderpump Rules stars are not the only ones with worries about not exercising as much and sitting around eating. Loads of people on social media talk about that all the time. Actually, many people take to their kitchens with the kids and teach them the basics of making cookies. Or, they take to the kitchen to remind themselves what cooking feels like. One woman shared on Danielle Busby (OutDaughtered), Instagram that she treated it like Christmas and cooked an entire turkey. Plus, people are spending a lot of time at home and can easily snack all day if they aren’t careful.

That scale in front of the refrigerators that the VPR stars use might be a great idea if self-quarantine means you end up in the pantry or the kitchen too often. Well, there are people without enough food to eat during this time. We reported that Lisa Vanderpump shared about remembering those in need.

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