‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Appeals To People To Ask For Help On Social Media

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown came out with a strong message about staying in contact, asking for help and caring during difficult times. Her long post made some fans very grateful for her caring and friendly persona. Many people struggle right now with loneliness and feelings of isolation. And, plenty of them struggle with keeping their side-hustle business going. But, Meri said people can still make a difference via their social media.

Sister Wives – Meri reaches out with a positive coronavirus message

Social media gives everyone a platform where their favorite celebs and TV stars become reachable. But, Meri Brown reminded her followers that many people feel down these days. In her post, she mentioned those people struggling with their small businesses. But, she also extended that to others. Her post on Friday night said in part, “In this crazy world of uncertainty and social distancing, I think it’s super important to have Social Media Connections.”

Check on colleagues, neighbors, customers, friends as Meri suggests. She noted that we can do more than just text each other. In fact, on Facebook, plenty of groups exist where people can interact and support each other. The Sister Wives star added, “There are so many people who need support, whether it be kindness and empathy, or food and financial. There’s something everyone needs, and there’s something everyone can give.” Those people trying to make a living on the “side hustle” should just be “vulnerable and ask for help” So, she invited people who have one, to share about it on her Instagram post.

Grateful fans thank Meri Brown for her post

Fans who reacted to Meri’s post mostly thought she made a very good point. Others shared what they do in their side-hustles. And others simply poured out their hearts. It seems nice that so many people feel able to do that on her page. One follower wrote, “We can always use more friends. Especially in times like this. 😊” Then, another one noted their experience. They commented, “My landlord texted me today to see if I needed anything I thought that was sweet of her!”

One Sister Wives fan who seemed grateful for a chance to advertise their business works in health care. So, she shared about where people can buy CDs of the music she and her husband make in their side-time. Others felt grateful to share their feelings. One fan had a bad experience during disability and senior shopping hours. They noted, “thank you, Meri, you could not have said this any better .. there are so many people in need of just a Friend someone to talk to, this whole thing is just so HORRIBLE.”


TV shows Ace reported that for a while, Meri got locked out of her Instagram. But now she’s back, she’s doing what she can to help people reach out and stay positive. Billboard.com noted that many celebrities like Meri also take this opportunity to reach out to remind their fans they think of them as well.

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