‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Asks Fans What They Do To Keep Themselves Amused During Coronavirus

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered fans heard from Danielle Busby that she keeps the kids entertained during the coronavirus social distancing. She set them up to watch an art program on YouTube, and try and draw themselves. But, now she noted that rain in Texas passed. So, she took the kids outside in the garden. She asked fans to share the things they do to keep themselves and the kids amused at the moment.

OutDaughtered mom, Danielle Busby shares what they did after the rain

On Friday, Danielle Busby shared on her Instagram, that the family went outside into the garden to chill a bit. She noted that the rain went away, the sun came out, so they hang out “outside as long as the rain doesn’t come!” Next, she invited fans to share what they do to keep the kids and themselves amused during social distancing. Well, not all fans enjoy a big private garden with a pool, play areas, and outdoor tables and chairs. But, many of them shared what they did.

One OutDaughtered fan said that they watched the Busby’s YouTube Channel. One family ran into a bit of bad luck with their plans. So, they stayed home doing the laundry. They commented, “Well we were going to run away and self isolate at our camp. BUT water has been turned off for 24hrs so it looks like its postponed until tonight or tomorrow morning 🙂 sooooo today we do more laundry and a whole lot of nothing lol.”

Movies break the monotony and board games during Coronavirus

Board games seem to be making something of a comeback. It looks like quite a few fans get them out to pass the time. Then, others take the opportunity to watch moves and reruns of their favorite shows. Others, like Danielle, take the kids out into the garden to run around and get some sunshine. But, those people living in colder states cant always do that. However, one fan said they let the kids outside and they played at sledding.

Bored, one OutDaughtered fan said they’re in the kitchen cooking up a big turkey. Well, probably everyone will appreciate that. One fan noted, “Decorating our front window with paper flowers and a sun for spring. Hoping to bring some sunshine to our neighbors out walking.” But some fans worried about the Busby family going outside at all during social distancing.


Is it okay to go into the garden during social distancing?

The rules on what people can and can’t do change frequently in different states and countries. So, it’s a good idea to check online for official guidelines. But, Marfa Public Radio talked about the differences between self-quarantine, self-isolation, and social distancing. On March 17, they noted that self quarantining comes when you know you were closely exposed to someone with the virus. Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association noted that people who are under self-quarantine should stay in one section of their home and avoid contact with other people in the residence.

Self-isolation means people who feel sick should be stringent on maintaining their distance. In other words, wandering around town, public places and other unnecessary trips shouldn’t happen at all. Everyday social distancing, like the OutDaughtered family’s, slightly different from self-isolation and quarantine. In this case, it means avoiding crowds, saying at home if possible, taking preactions with hand sanitizers, and whatnot. Pretty much if you stay away from other people, the chances are you might not get sick. So, if you have a garden and the sun’s shining, you could still go outside and have a barbecue or chill in the sun with the kids.

However, DISCLAIMER NOTE – the regulations could change rapidly, and the CDC and local authorities make a point of notifying people. If people get concerned, they should check online before going outdoors. Some states and cities might be stricter on social distancing than others.

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