Duggar: Watch Heartwarming Video Of Jinger And Felicity Playing The Piano

Jinger Vuolo

Duggar fans following Jinger Vuolo saw some beautiful posts recently. One of them brought a special message of love and faith during hard times. Then, she shared a video that many people found so adorable and sweet, it’s hard not to smile. She and Felicity played the piano together.

Duggar – Talented Jinger and super-cute Felicity play the piano

Jinger Duggar shared the SWAN4kids challenge. It’s part of  “Enriching the lives of children whose parents have a history of incarceration by providing free music lessons,” and more, according to their Instagram profile. In the video, Jinger shows her amazing talent on the piano. She is really good at it, her followers agree. But, the charming part shows Felicity next to her mom. She presses the odd key. But, as Jinger builds to the end of the tune, Felicity really gets into it.

Nearly half a million people watched it. And, judging by the comments, many people found joy and smiled at it. One Duggar fan said, “I love it, especially Felicity’s reaction. So cute ❤️.” Another person noted, “Sorry Jinger, love your play. But that little giiirrrrlllll gosh 💖💖💖 love her!” Then, this comment came in, “Oh my gosh Felicity is the sweetest!” Well, plenty of fans agree with that. Then another person mentioned the beauty of the video. They noted, “Love this!! Felicity’s response = priceless. Such a good (and fun) reminder that He is holding all of us. Thank you!”


Jinger is often active these days, sharing uplifting posts

In the past, Jinger shared very many videos and photos. Almost every day, she popped up something. But since the coronavirus scare, she’s not sharing all that much on her page. However, what she shares brings a lot of reminders that faith is the one thing to sustain people. She shared her message of the week that reminded people, “In times like these when it seems like everything is falling apart, we must be reminded that our hope as Christians does not rest in the circumstances.”

Many Duggar fans hope that Jinger, Jeremy, and little Felicity stay okay. After all, they live in LA these days. And, bear in mind, with Jeremy as a pastor, they spend a lot of time in large gatherings in churches. But, the government has since declared LA under shelter-in-place. CNN reported that the sheer number of people demanding tests for the virus puts pressure on the availability of swabs and viral transport media. In fact, non-hospitalized patients won’t get tested for the time being.

No doubt, Jinger and her family will be kept in the prayers of Duggar fans. And, it’s likely she and Jeremy spend much time praying for the people of America. Did you find some joy and something to smile at when you watched Jinger and Felicity play the piano? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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