’90 Day Fiance’: Corey And Evelin Shop As Ecuador’s Coronanvirus Shutdown Starts

90 Day fiance Corey and Evelin

90 Day Fiance cast members, just like everyday people across the world, face forced social distancing. As the Coronavirus spreads, more countries, counties, and states encourage people to stay at home. Several places insist that even businesses close for the duration. Some places are restricting travel for only medical, food, and work. Well, Corey and Evelin got the news that in Ecuador, businesses close down. So, they went shopping, but notably, they never went crazy on toilet paper rolls.

90 Day Fiance – Corey, Evelin and other TLC stars impacted by Coronavirus

TV Shows Ace reported that many of the cast members of the franchise got affected by the Coronavirus. Some of them outside the USA felt the effects first. That included Deavan Clegg over in South Korea. Currently in South Africa, Tiffany visits Ronald Smith and she noted on her Instagram her concerns as various flights get canceled. She worried about how she’ll be getting home. But, as countries try massive efforts to contain the spread, even America has gotten stringent about social distancing.

Now, Ecuador introduced a National Emergency and 90 Day Fiance‘s Corey said it extends to businesses closing. So, he and Evelin went shopping. The simple act of shopping these days can bring feelings of guilt. After all, everyone sees panic buying and that can be very selfish. At the same time, people know they need some backup supplies in their homes. But, noticeably, when Corey and Evelin shopped they seemed to not go crazy over the top buying toilet paper.

Toilet paper not the biggest purchase by Corey and Evelin

Across the world, scenes of panic buying for toilet rolls is as crazy as anything. Social media and news outlets show wild scenes of people fighting it out over the precious product. But Corey and Evelin, while they did pick up some paper, certainly never filled their shopping carts to overflowing with it. Corey shared a photo of their carts.

The 90 Day Fiance star captioned his picture with, “Ecuador is under a state of emergency. Today is the last day businesses are in operation.” He said that “the government has demanded everyone stay inside. The borders are closed and no flights in or out of the country.” Naturally, fans hoped they stay safe. Hardly anyone trolled on them, which makes a change. It looks like they got in some salty biscuits, bread, hand cleaner and maybe disinfectant. Plus, some dog food and other essentials featured.

Fans react to Corey’s post

Many 90 Day Fiance fans reached out to Corey and Evelin. One said, “Stay safe and well! Here in six California counties, we have a shelter in place. So many necessities cannot be found, so I’m glad you were able to get things down there in Ecuador!” Another one commented, “I don’t see much food! You sure y’all are gonna be good?!?” To that, Corey said that he’s sure they’ll be okay.


What do you think about Corey and Evelin shopping as the shutdown comes? Are you glad to see they considerately didn’t buy out everything they could lay their hands on? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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