‘The Bachelor’: Did Peter’s Mom Barb Invite Selena Gomez For A Games Night?

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The Bachelor fans heard that the day Madison and Peter Weber split, Madison went out shopping with Selena Gomez. They brought in board games and later, they and friends enjoyed playing them. It looked like a fun way for Madison to relax with friends after the drama of the show. Now, Peter’s mom, Barb invited Selena for a game night, a network reported. But did she really?

The Bachelor – Peter’s mom can’t stand Madison, Selena and Maddie are friends

TV Shows Ace reported that Madison spent the night playing board games with Selena and friends. And, from the pics shared, she enjoyed herself. At least she called on friends after the break-up between her and Peter Weber. Recall that during the show, Peter’s mom let the entire world know she can’t stand Madison. Many fans speculated that their break-up a few days later, could be due to Barb’s stand against Madison.

Good Morning America noted that nobody knows how Madison and Selena met or became friends. (Actually, most fans know where they met). The title of the video that GMA posted on their TV show and on YouTube said, “Mom of ‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber invites Selena Gomez over for game night | GMA.” Well, the first thought that springs to mind: if Barb and Selena get together, what common ground might they find? If they get together for a games night, presumably, nobody’s gonna talk about Madison.

Mistitled video on GMA about Barb and Selena’s board games night

As interest in the show remains rather high, naturally many fans went and watched the GMA video. But, they only mentioned that Selena and Madison got together for a game night. Rewatching it for something missed, nothing about Barb and games got mentioned. And, anyway, probably everyone in the Bachelor Nation knows about Madison and Selena’s night playing games already.

It seems that someone at GMA made a title error. As it’s misleading and bordering on fake news, some The Bachelor fans complained in the comments on YouTube. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “The title is misleading. It’s actually Selena invited Madison over for a night game. Barb Weber has nothing to do with Selena Gomez.”
  • “Where did Pete’s mom invite Selena over? This title isn’t right. Also, Selena and Madison know each other from Hillsong church in LA. They’ve been friends for a couple of years.”
  • “GMA using clickbait with that title?? Since when?? Didn’t think you guys needed to use such schemes to get people to check out your channel. Next.”
  • “I see I’m not the only one who realized the title needs tweeking, as it was Selena who invited Madison to her game night, not Peter’s mom inviting Selena over, which would’ve been crazy-jawdropping!” 
  • “Boo! Title is misleading, click bate for sure.”

Fans call for title correction

Many other people picked up that the title was way off the real story. As many of The Bachelor fans called for a title correction, we screenshot it below.

The Bachelor wrong headline by GMA
Image credit – Good Morning America | YouTube

What do you think about the news title saying that The Bachelor‘s mom invited Selena Gomez over for a games night? Do you think it’s clickbait or just an error someone made in the studio? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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