‘The Bachelor’: What’s With The Webers Posting Songs That Seemingly Diss Madison – Peter’s Turn?

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The Bachelor fans know that Peter Weber’s mom Barbara told the world on television she’s got major issues with Madison Prewett. Dissing her on TV went down badly with fans who now hate on her a lot. Barbs shared a post of her and her friends singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane” after Madison and Peter split. Many people thought she dissed on Madison. Now, Peter also sang a song, and some people can’t help but wonder what’s going on. The choice of his song also seems to be about Madison.

The Bachelor – fans thought Barbs dissed Madison with her song choice

Fans of Bachelor Nation now know that Peter Weber’s mom really isn’t very subtle when it comes to Madison. She spewed out some pretty nasty stuff about her on live television. Many fans and even Chris Harrison commented after the show that the timing and the way she expressed her feelings was way off. Hate pours out against Barbs now. So, when she posted her and her friends singing John Dever’s “Leaving On A Jet Place,” they assumed she celebrated Madison’s departure from her son’s life.

TV Shows Ace reported that once again, Barbs showed unfortunate timing. Even if her post wasn’t about Madison, it looked that way to fans of The Bachelor. Since our article, the hate got notched up a bit on the post by Barbs. One follower said, “Please leave on a jet plane. I hear Italy is lovely.” That’s a bit over the top, as it’s a not-subtle hint they wish Barbs would get the coronavirus. As you can see, things are getting pretty ugly now. So, no wonder fans wonder what’s up with the Weber family. Now, Peter just shared himself singing a song, and the timing and words couldn’t be more unfortunate either.


Peter sings and dances to ‘Happy Now’ by Kygo after Madison split

Peter Weber went onto his Instagram Stories over the weekend and shared some video clips. In them, the firepit burns and he sings “Happy Now.” Later, indoors, he and one of the producers danced to it. For those not familiar with the song, US Weekly shared some of them with their readers.

The Bachelor belted out the lyrics which include:

“You and me, it was good, but it wasn’t right / And it’ll be hard, but I know I will make it out / Step by step, I’ll move on and get on with life / So I let go, and I hope you’ll be happy now.”‘

Peter Weber singing for therapy?

Well, maybe Peter’s just doing some singing therapy as he copes with the fact he lost Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison. Nevertheless, it seems, that just like his mom, his timing might not be the greatest in the world. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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