Speculation Grows Hannah Brown And Tyler Cameron Are Dating, Pics Surface From Florida Airport

'The Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Via Instagram

Could sparks be flying again between former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron? Hannah flew to Florida when Tyler’s mother passed away suddenly to support him. Now, about a week later, Hannah is back in Florida again.

What is going on between Hannah and Tyler?

Tyler was spotted by multiple fans Saturday picking up Hannah from the airport. US Weekly shared the video in which he was seen curbside picking her up from Palm Beach International Airport in Palm Beach, Florida, March 14.

A fan posted a video of Tyler greeting Hannah. He then placed her luggage in his car and the two left. The airport is just a short twenty five minutes from Tyler’s hometown of Jupiter, Florida. There is no doubt the woman meeting Tyler is Hannah. So why is she down in Florida again so soon after her last trip?


Yes it was really her

Some fans are saying it wasn’t really Hannah. However, she posted multiple Instagram stories yesterday showing she was obviously traveling. She was talking about the airport being empty but as long as she had wine she would be fine. Hannah was also seen on Instagram chowing down on some ribs. She even commented that maybe she shouldn’t be eating ribs in public where people could recognize her. After missing her flight by five minutes, she finally got to Florida.

In the video, fans can even see it is her beloved Sulley pillow in her purse as she is crawling into Tyler’s car. Some fans even stopped her throughout the day for pics. From these pics one can see she is wearing the same shirt in the video as in the shared pics.

Hannah was there for Tyler when he needed her most

Hannah was there for Tyler following his mother’s tragic death. She attended Andrea’s celebration of life at Miller’s Ale House on March 7. She didn’t immediately leave following the service either. On Monday March 9 the two went to a local school together where Tyler played kickball with some of the students.

Now, it’s less than a week later and Hannah has returned to see Tyler. Fans are hoping these two can reconnect and rekindle their love. Fans loved them together. While it’s all speculation at this point, perhaps there is a chance. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks between Tyler and Hannah. Bachelor Nation is cheering them on.

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