Ashley Iaconetti Clears Up Nick Viall Theory On Maria’s Exit?

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Maria Georgas did her first podcast this week and what she revealed has many talking. She has a theory about how she ended up the villain on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. Her conspiracy theory involves Nick Viall, Ashley Iaconetti and Sydney Gordon. She thinks they all had something to do with her Bachelor edit. What did Maria say and how did Ashley respond? Keep reading to find out more.

Ashley Iaconetti Clears The Air About Nick Viall’s Involvement

Maria Georgas appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast and shared new details about her time on The Bachelor including a conspiracy theory that Ashley Iaconetti and Nick Viall were involved in her villain status.

Fans know that Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon were front and center for all the drama during Joey’s season. It all started from comments made by Madina Alam about being the oldest lady in the house and Maria’s response to that. While Maria apologized for her comments, Sydney continued to insist that she was being verbally abusive.

This all eventually led to a two-on-one date in which Sydney was ultimately sent home.

During the Almost Famous podcast, Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti shared their thoughts on Maria’s claims that perhaps Sydney was planted on the show to make her look bad.

Credit: Ashley Iaconetti Instagram
Credit: Ashley Iaconetti Instagram

Ashley said, “She has this conspiracy theory that Nick [Viall] and I got together with Sydney [Gordon], we brought Sydney to production and were like, ‘Hey, this is our friend Sydney. She’d be great to take down the villain, or something, of this season.’”

This was not the case. Ashley says she had no clue who Maria was until Joey’s season aired. She also said the theory comes from a photo taken of her, Nick, and Sydney together in 2022. That was the first time Nick had ever met Sydney and had not spoken to her since. She said, “He has absolutely no relationship with Sydney.”

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Maria’s Past With Nick

It was also brought up that Nick Viall had known Maria Georgas since around 2017. He even once told her if she were ever on the show she would be the villain.

Ashley went on to say, “So, in her conspiracy, he wanted to make sure she was the villain and then hired this girl, Sydney, for the producers to bring her down. It’s not an accurate theory whatsoever. Nick does not know Sydney. In fact, Nick thought Sydney was absolutely ridiculous on the show and called me to talk about how she is in real life.”

Maria Georgas

While Ashley says she can be a mastermind at drama, she had no part in this. Ben and her both agreed the producers are the ones who make the big bucks to come up with all the drama.

What do you think about Ashley’s thoughts on Maria’s theory?

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