Kylee Russell Dishes On Relationship Status With Aven Jones

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Kylee Russell was all in for Aven Jones on Bachelor in Paradise. However, while their feelings for one another were strong, Aven did not propose to her on the finale. Instead, they opted to leave the beach together as a couple and continue their lives together off-camera. It didn’t last long. Aven was unfaithful to Kylee on more than one occasion. Now, several months later, she’s revealing where she and Aven stand today.

Where Do Kylee Russell And Aven Jones Stand Today?

BIP couple Kylee Russell and Aven Jones announced their split shortly after the season finale aired on ABC last year. He had been unfaithful to her reportedly on more than one occasion. She found out by accident when she decided to open some DMs on social media.

After she called him out and their relationship ended, he apologized and basically confirmed the accusations were true. After the split, Kylee still moved to San Diego as she had planned. Aven lives there as well. Now, she’s sharing where she and Aven stand now several months later.

Kylee spilled the tea on Bachelor Happy Hour about where she and Aven stand today. She was devastated when things ended between them. In fact, she noted having doubts about herself and wondering if she was good enough. Kylee shared that this was the first time she had ever been cheated on.

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As for now, Kylee admits the door is not fully closed with Aven. They both knew they needed to grow and heal separately but did not completely shut each other out. Now, Kylee says Aven has really grown in the past few months.

While it was not a good feeling for her or a good look for him, she feels that it happened the way it needed to happen because it helped him get a wake-up call about who he was and what he wanted to be.

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The Time Right Before And After They Broke Up

Kylee Russell says she and Aven Jones were great before she found out about his infidelities. They were still doing the long-distance thing since she hadn’t moved to San Diego yet but they made it a point to see one another at least once a month.

After she found out she was devastated about the infidelities. Kylee said, “Unfortunately, I did find out the cheating news and it felt like everything was stripped away from me and I was having to start from scratch. I am not really seasoned when it comes to being in relationships. Aside from Aven, I’d only ever had one other boyfriend and that was six years ago. I had dated around but hadn’t really been serious aside from those two men. I had never been cheated on before and this was the first time. Having that happen was already a gut punch, but then having to deal with it on such a public level, I can’t even put into words how devastating that was.”

What do you think about what Kylee had to share? Do you think she and Aven will get back together?

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