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‘Bachelor’ Alum Chad Johnson Addresses Arrest, Domestic Violence Claims

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Bachelorette alum Chad Johnson was arrested February 24 on complaints of domestic violence. The drunken incident took place with now ex-girlfriend, Annalise Mishler. It all started when Annalise posted video on Instagram of a hole in her wall saying Chad was the reason behind it. He is now speaking out following his arrest and setting the record straight on what exactly happened.

Chad speaks out about incident

Chad went to Instagram to share his side of the story. He started out saying that he and Annalise had broken up and it left him hurt. Chad said he felt as if he was losing his best friend. He did what he promised himself he wouldn’t and gave in to drinking. It was his first drink in over two months.

Chad said, “I had made a promise to myself and to my girlfriend that I wouldn’t do that anymore. Whenever I do drink, I don’t act right. I screwed up and I drank.” The two spoke after the initial incident and worked things out. Chad said he downloaded a dating app while broken up. He started getting messages on it and Annalise saw. Things escalated again.

He shared the next day he went to her apartment to talk to her. Chad noted they both live in the same apartment complex. He said at this point she had already posted videos of him yelling outside her door. He said he was not mad and understands why she did it. Chad said he still loves her very much. Then the dating app situation occurred.

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Today I’m 35 days sober. Now maybe my story isn’t typical but I’m not sure. It’s not like I drank everyday or had an issue every single time that I drank. But every problem I’ve ever had in my life was caused by drinking. I would go a couple weeks without drinking and then slowly get confident in my ability to drink until I slowly started drinking more and more each time. Within a few times of drinking I’d end up having a 2-3 day bender that I convinced myself was okay, until I hated myself at the end of it. And when you don’t necessarily have to be anywhere or do anything because everything is on your own time, it was always easy to convince myself that continuing the party for a couple more days would be alright. I’d end up feeling horrible for a week, reset after that, get back in shape for a week or two, and do it all over again. Not only was the issue with myself, but also other people and let me explain…. I’ve had people threaten to send videos to TMZ of me drunk, I’ve had people make up stuff that they say happened when I was drunk that I know didn’t happen, I’ve had people act and treat me in ways that they would never have done it I were sober. So not only does me not drinking anymore remove all of the problems in my life that I created for myself, but also this is a big fuck you to everyone that wanted to screw me over when I drank. Not only am I in the best shape of my life now but I look younger than I did 3 years ago. I’m healthy, happy, and to everyone that tried to pull one over on me back when I drank, FUCK YOU, I’m always in control now.

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What happened next

He left her apartment and she came to his. Chad said Annalise was filming him the whole time. He said, “I was very down at the time. I was very upset. So I made a stupid decision and grabbed her phone and I just threw it. I threw it outside.” He then went to try and talk to her. A neighbor called the police.

US Weekly confirmed Chad was arrested and booked on charges of “robbery with a domestic violence enhancement.” Chad explained on the video message that the robbery charges stemmed from him grabbing her phone and throwing it. He says the domestic violence charges are untrue.

Chad says he has never laid hands on a woman

He defended himself in his video and said the following statement.

“There was never any domestic abuse of any kind.” Chad said, “I have never laid hands on a woman anytime in my entire life.” He said, “I was in the Marine core; I was taught core values.” He continued, “I have a sister. I am a very overprotective brother. If she ever felt in danger, I would want her to call. If any women out there ever feel like they are in any danger I urge you to call 911. I can totally understand why Annalise felt threatened whenever I took her phone, but I am 100 percent confident [that] any type of domestic abuse charges are going to be dropped, because there was never any time of domestic abuse at all whatsoever. Never laid my hands on a woman.”

Chad concluded his message saying, “I am so sorry for the entire situation. I am so sorry to Annalise for feeling threatened. I am working on myself to get better. All I can do is put my best foot forward and try to be a better person every day from here on out.”

Annalise has said there is not chance for reconciling their relationship. Because of the situation, Chad’s reps also announced he was stepping down from an April Bachelor event in order to seek help for his anger and drinking problems.


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