‘Unexpected’: Chloe Mendoza And Max Schenzel Don’t Live Together After Relapse

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Unexpected star Chloe Mendoza took to her YouTube channel to update on her child Ava, her relationship with her mom, and where she stands with Max Schenzel right now. At the moment, she and Max are not together, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on a future with him.

Unexpected – Chloe’s boyfriend Max deals with court issues and relapse

TV Shows Ace reported that Max deals with court cases and got booked in Maricopa County. He’s facing a pre-trial conference on February 27. Word came out that he assaulted Chloe, but Chloe didn’t really say much about that. In her current update, Chloe never even mentioned that, other than noting that he needs to be with his dad to deal with court cases.

On her YouTube update, Chloe said that she finds it so hard to talk about Max as it’s “complicated.” She also hates it that websites, blogs, and tabloids always run stories when she does these updates. So the Unexpected alum specifically told the outlets that they don’t stay together right now. The reason stems from the fact that Max relapsed after 140 days of staying sober.

140 days sober, but Chloe fears he may not get back there

Chloe said they moved into their own place and all went well. “Ava was happy,” she felt happy, and Max seemed in a very good place. Apparently, he got a job with decent hours and good pay and he loved it. But then, he fell off the rails and ended up breaking his sober streak of 140 days.  Tragically, Chloe felt she needed to send her Unexpected baby daddy home to his dad.

Max should be able to better address rehab issues and his court cases there. But Chloe still feels deeply for him and wants him back in her life at some stage. She talks about maybe in a year or so. But, it depends when Max feels ready. Realistically, Chloe’s hopes are tinged by the feeling that he may not step back up to the level of those lovely sober days. The Unexpected star noted that fans might not understand her feelings, but it’s clear she still cares for Max.

Realistically, addiction’s hard to cope with

For Chloe, it seems that hopes and prayers don’t cut it. One can love a person, yet also know that sooner or later they might fail again. Addiction sometimes skews the way a person rationalizes and understanding that’s important. But in the meantime, the Unexpected alum’s got her baby to raise and college to get on with to assure her own future.

What do you think about Chloe and Max living apart? She still hopes for a future together, but realistically notes that might not happen. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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