‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Concerned–Random Stranger Kisses One Of The Busby Quints

OutDaughtered Busby quints

OutDaughtered dad Adam Bubsy sometimes get parent-shamed. Plenty of people out there tell the parents of the quints and Blayke how to live their lives. But after an Instagram story that showed an apparently random stranger kissing one of the quints on the head, one fan grew genuinely concerned.

OutDaughtered – Mom’s away, so Adam takes the kids to get takeout

Taking to his Instagram Stories on Friday, Adam shared a series of video clips about taking the kids to grab some food. He said that Danielle’s away doing something. So, he provided after-school entertainment. Taking the kids into town, they chose some stuff f0r a meal. Later, sitting at the outdoor table, the family all shouted out to their mom how they had a good time without her.

The fun evening seemed a great way for the quints and their dad to enjoy some family time on a Friday. But one OutDaughtered fan grew concerned. In one of the video shots, it seemed a random stranger kissed one of the quints on the head. Well, fans and followers don’t know if Adam said anything to them as the clip cut off after that.

Starbucks stranger kisses one of the kids

The Busby family doesn’t live in a very small town, and from the conversation, it seems unlikely they know the person personally. That’s because, in the clip, the person says “they’re beautiful,” then adds, “Oh My God!” Actually, they sounded rather star-struck after Adam introduced the girls by name.

Adam took the kids to a Starbucks and eventually they chose their various treats. Then, the Starbucks barista handed them out. Finally, the barista took one of the quints, held them by the head and planted a big kiss on their hair. As the OutDaughtered quints look similar, and this quint had her back turned to Adams’s camera, it’s not easy to make out exactly which one got the big smooch. But, it looked like Riley.

Concerned fan cautions Adam Busby

After watching the Story, given the current concerns of various flus and the new coronavirus, one fan took it up with Adam. They cautioned him about the random stranger kissing the quint on the head. On another post on his page, they wrote, “Hey Adam! Please don’t let strange people like that lady at Starbucks kiss your child on the head from your insta-story!”

The OutDaughtered fan also noted, “I would a had a fit if she would a did that to my child! Then on top of that, she didn’t even ask you permission and just did it, (sic)!” Other followers never picked up on the comment, but the person seems to have a valid point. Perhaps Adam said something afterward, but it’s not clear how he could have prevented it as it happened so quickly.

OutDaughtered fan comment 1
Credit – Adambuzz | Instagram

What do you think about the random stranger kissing one of the Busby quints on the head? Do you think that’s something people should worry about? Or, do you think it’s an over-the-top concern? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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