‘Duggar’: Did Lauren Duggar Hint Jill And Derick Plan On No More Kids?

Duggar Lauren bella crib

Duggar fans saw Lauren Duggar share a walkthrough of her nursery on Instagram Stories. Inviting people to ask questions, plenty of them wanted answers on almost everything in the room. One interesting question related to the crib. And, in her answer, it’s possible Lauren hinted that Jill and Derick Dillard plan on no more kids.

Duggar – Lauren’s nursery walkthrough, and the crib

TV Shows Ace reported that the nursery looks really neat. But, the patterned triangles n the walls weren’t painted on. Instead, she used stickers as they rent the place. Next, she explained that Josiah built the bookshelves that she loves so much. The rest of the furniture in baby Bella’s room was carefully photographed, which resulted in the Q&A where she told fans where the various items came from.

One person asked about the crib but in her answers, Lauren really didn’t know where it came from. That’s because the crib’s a hand-me-down. She tagged Jill Dillard in her reply so it looks like she used it before. Actually, it’s in really nice condition considering that. In fact, it seems like the crib’s been in the Duggar family for some time. Cheatsheet noted that a Redditor recognized the crib as one that Jill and Derick previously used. And, it wasn’t new when they needed it.

Duggar Lauren crib
Lauren Duggar | Instagram Stories

Did Jill and Derick decide on no more kids?

Maybe the Duggars pass the crib around as and when needed. But the fact that Lauren’s using it certainly points to Jill, and Derick not needing it any time soon. Over on Reddit, one commenter noted, “IIRC this was a hand me down from a hand me down. I think there’s an episode where they get this out of storage at the Duggar house and explain how it used to be Josie’s crib.”

But, some Duggar fans suggested that just because Lauren uses it, for now, doesn’t mean Jill’s done with babies. After all, if there’s an unused crib, why not just lend it out? However, other people speculated over safety features. The crib’s quite old, and might not meet the new safety standards from 2015. But there’s some merit to the idea Jill and Derick don’t plan on more kids.

Jill Duggar Dillard feels there’s a season for everything

In January, Jill Dillard denied that she hates being a stay-at-home mom. It came when fans noticed she always seems weary and shares posts about how difficult the kids are. One fan suggested she gets out and gets a job. Back then, she noted, “I do love my current job at home with the boys tho.” But she also said they “reevaluate” as they go along. Jill added, “there’s season for everything.”


Does that mean the season for breeding’s come to an end? What do you think? Did Lauren Duggar hint that Jill and Derick plan on having no more kids? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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