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Here’s Why Kody Brown’s Son-In-Law, Tony Padron, Isn’t In ‘Sister Wives’

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Sister Wives fans heard that Kody took the Super Bowl break as an opportunity to talk on a podcast. He mentioned the older kids don’t seem keen to follow him into a polygamous lifestyle. And, he also talked about his son-in-law Tony Padron. Tony married Christine and Kody’s daughter Mykelti.

Sister Wives – Kody’s kids and the polygamous lifestyle

TV Shows Ace reported that Kody talked about how difficult he finds it keeping four wives happy. This season, fans see a lot of conflict arising over his choice of home. He wants a giant mansion and for all the wives to live under one roof. Although the home contains four separate apartments, Christine hates the idea. Meanwhile, Robyn’s not keen on it. But. Janelle loves the concept. Kody told the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, that sometimes he struggles with keeping them all happy and safe.

We speculated that might be the reason his older kids seem reluctant to take the path to polygamy. In fact, we see even see many of them distancing themselves from the Sister Wives show as well as the multiple wives’ lifestyle.  One of those we don’t and won’t see is Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron. He and Mykleti live in Utah and the main scenes involving them in the past focused on their wedding.

Tony Padron won’t appear on the show because of his job

On the podcast, Kody mentioned that Tony works in the banking sector. It’s not clear what position he holds, but it might be quite senior. Kody said, “I mean when you’re on a reality TV show, and you’re trying to work at a bank it becomes extremely awkward.” He added, “They try to distance themselves so they can have their own private lives.” Mykelti’s fairly active on her Instagram, but the couple certainly never really won tons of fans when they saw them on TLC.

The wedding episode on Sister Wives actually saw a lot of criticism from fans. It came when Mykelti wanted a rushed wedding and her dad had to foot the bill. Then, they served those infamous tacos at the reception. Backlash came from fans who thought their expensive wedding portrayed Mykleti as selfish, and Tony as unpleasant. So really, if they choose to stay off the show, it’s not likely many fans will weep in their cups.

What do you think about Tony’s reason for not appearing on the Sister Wives show? Do you think maybe he’s just too senior and that might embarrass his peers? Or, do they just want to stay out the focus of reality TV? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I think Christine did the right thing in leaving & moving on. Janelle should also. I wanna know: what in the hell do these women see in Kody? He is NOT handsome or even cute. Overbearing for sure. There are much better men out there-even involved in that type of living situation. I think he is totally disgusting! Robyn is such a fake too. They deserve each other. Yuck

  2. I don’t blame Christine for leaving and Meri should too. It seems the only wife this Asshat wants to have sex with is Robyn, the other wives don’t get the intimacy part of the relationship and that’s not right, he wanted 4 wives and now he doesn’t want to do his husbandly duties, no wonder Meri wanted someone to pay attention to her because he sure doesn’t.

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