‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Brush Fans Encourage Her After Axel’s Unconditional Love Post

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Sister Wives fans know that Maddie Brown Brush now has two kids in her little family. She got candid sometimes, noting that Axel’s terrible twos sometimes made her feel guilty. Now she posted about her son once more. Fans encouraged her as she seemed a bit conflicted and down, despite mentioning some positives.

Sister Wives – Maddie Brown Brush, like other moms, sometimes struggle with parenting

On the show this season, fans saw Maddie announce her pregnancy with Evie-K. And, little Evie came along during Axel’s terrible twos stage. So, it’s not always easy for Maddie to feel like a perfect parent. TV Shows Ace reported back in November, that she “got candid about the terrible twos.” At the time, she said that “after Evie K was born…Axel “regressed a bit.” She went through a torrid time with Axel who just about “destroyed the place,” when he couldn’t find his pacifier.

On her Instagram, she described how he’d come off it already, but threw the most terrible tantrums after Evie came along. He demanded his pacifier and nearly drove her crazy. So, after speaking to their pediatrician, they decided he could use it again. After all, they really made huge adjustments to the baby already. Bear in mind, as well, that the daughter of the Sister Wives star suffered from some issues. People reported that she was “diagnosed with (FATCO) syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder that affects bone formation.”

Fans encourage Maddie as she posts about Axel and unconditional love

Taking to her Instagram on Saturday, February 8, Maddie mentioned unconditional love and how she sometimes struggles. But, quite a bit of her post centered on how much she learns from her son. She wrote, “Every day as this boy’s mom, I am humbled…and… remember how truly niave I am,(sic).” Then she said that she grew as a person and still “grows” as Axel’s mom.

Talking about “unconditional love,” the Sister Wives star noted how “forgiving children are.”

She described Axel as a “sweet boy.” Plus she wrote about his “curiosity and vigor,” which she loves. But she also mentioned that sometimes she gets “frustrated.” Maddie’s thankful that she mothers Axel. Ending on the positives, she noted, “I hope we are continually blessed with lots of laughs and love.” Fans responded encouragingly to her post.

Sister Wives fans encouraged Maddie on parenting

Many fans responded to Maddie, and here’s what some of them said to her:

  • “God gives us new mercies each morning. So when we think weve messed up we wake up each day new with grace to do it all over. You’re doing great mama.”
  •  “It’s hard work with little ones. Enjoy and don’t beat yourself up too much. You are doing a great job. Enjoy the good times. Look back and learn from the bad times! We’ve all been there! 💖.”
  • “That is the SWEETEST photo of you two … I love it. I also love what you wrote – you’re a great mom and person ❤️🙋🏼‍♀️.”
  • “It gets better every stage. Watching the world through their eyes is amazing and reminds us of what is really important 💜.”


What do you think about Maddie’s post on unconditional love and her sweet son Axel? Do you relate to her feelings? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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