Amy King Shares Wonderful Opening Night For Dillon’s New Business

Amy King and Dillon

Amy King fans heard that Dillon planned on opening his new business, Wellington’s Fine Plates, Whiskey, & Cigars! It turns out it’s much more than just a store as first reported. In fact, it’s a high-end, sophisticated whiskey/cocktail lounge, that also offers fine dining, along with their cigar lounge. Amy took to Instagram to share about the opening night.

Amy King shared about the opening night- so proud of Dylan

The Duggar cousin shared a photo of her with Dillon. Proudly, she wrote, “I loved watching you tonight live out your dream! Cheers to you baby… you’re incredible!” Many fans responded, and one of them wondered if her cousins, the Duggars went along, But, that’s unlikely as generally, they avoid alcohol. One follower said to Amy, “Hope you had [an] amazing opening. If I was down there I’d definitely check it out. Congrats and you both look great,”

One lucky person who made it to the opening posted, “We loved everything about our night at Wellington!! Such incredible food, cocktails, and cigars. Your staff is amazing and genuinely cordial and met our every request. See you next week!! ❤️💖🎉.” Well, as the original news seemed to focus on it as being a store, it’s nice to see that fine dining’s an option.

Wellington business announcement never mentioned food

Amy Duggar King shared about Dillon starting his new business back in mid-January. TV Shows Ace reported that she said on Instagram “[Dillon] needed a man cave that had ventilation for his cigars sooo…instead of building a He- shed he designed this… Opening Feb 1st!!” But it became obvious it’s more than just a fancy-looking store when Wellington’s new page sent out their public opening invitation. On the post, it clearly said food’s available.

That post which came ahead of Amy King’s noted, “Join us today from 5pm – 7pm for a free sample of our lunch dinner, starter and dessert menu.” It also noted that only 100 people could get in. When a fan asked Amy what the menu’s like, she referred them to the business page on Instagram. Over there, it shows that some of the starters include things like seafood fish cakes and Cuban shrimp cocktail. There’s a story there showing cheeses, olives, and tasty-looking meats.

Amy King fans congratulate the couple

Many congrats went out to Amy and Dillon on her post about the opening night. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “I’m so excited for you! I just started to follow the page. I love food and even though I live in Florida, I know that I’ll enjoy looking at the yummy photos! Congratulations! 🍾🎈🎊🎉.”
  • “Congratulations to you both! How exciting ❤️.”
  • “Very exciting time of life for you guys….. Blessing after blessing! Congrats.”
  • “Glad everything went as planned for him, the menu and photos I’ve seen are really nice💕.”

Did you know that the news business Amy King’s husband started is more like a whiskey lounge/restaurant than an actual store that sells whiskey and cigars? Did you go to the opening? Sound off in the comments below.

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