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‘My 600-Lb Life’ Season 8: Gina Krasley Allegedly Starred In Adult Movies

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My 600-Lb Life Season 8 brought Gina Krasley to TLC screens this week. Gina can’t just give up food easily, as she says if it was easy, she’d have done that “long ago.” Her family worries that she’s killing herself with her food addiction. Not able to get out the house much now, she probably did get out more in the past. That’s because she allegedly starred in adult movies at one time.

My 600-Lb Life – Gina Krasley asks for snacks and food and gets it

While Gina’s morbidly obese, others around her also can’t call themselves “Slim Jim.” Interestingly, other family members look a bit heavy. And, in one scene, she’s just eaten a huge amount of carbs. But after getting to bed, she asked for a snack, and “yeah sure,” came the answer. So, she eats on, and on and everyone knows it’s bad. So it looks like the rest of the family might also help enable her food addiction.

TV Shows Ace reported that this My 600-Lb Life season’s a bit of a tear-jerker. Gina’s story sounds sad, but not as sad as some others. Nevertheless, anyone who faces a short life from food addictions seems very sad. So many people who watch the TLC show, simply can’t imagine why these people keep on eating so much. But, for them, it’s a real fight. As Gina said, “if I can’t find a way to take back control, then I have no hope.” And, she may never get to win that fight as seen in this tweet below.

Now totally dependent on her family, it’s alleged that in her past, Gina starred in adult movies

While Gina on My 600-Lb Life now gets helped to bed, and with occasional basic hygiene, things weren’t always like that. Starcasm reported that they deeply suspect she once starred “in a series of BBW adult videos.” In case you’re not sure, BBW stands for “Big Beautiful Woman.” The outlet does emphasize quite strongly though, that they can’t find verification on her starring in the movies, so it’s only “alleged” at this time. However, they think that the actress “sounds identical to and looks very much like Gina.”

They also noted the fact that both the “glasses” and the hairdo look the same, as the My 600-Lb Life star as well. Maybe that explains why Gina removed her social media “public pages.” Of course, that means her “contact information” also disappeared. Already, social media groups talk about it, so maybe she didn’t expect the news to get out. While it’s not possible to take the content and repost it, the outlet notes that the clips in question feature on a popular adult site. There, the alias used is “Miss GG.'”

What do you think about the allegations that Gina Krasley allegedly starred in adult movies? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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