‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Reveals 2-on-1 Date For Peter Weber, Who Stays, Who Goes?

'The Bachelor' Peter Weber Via Instagram

Things are heating up for The Bachelor Peter Weber. This coming week will feature not one, but two drama filled episodes of the show. Monday will wrap up Cleveland, Ohio and follow the women and Peter to Cost Rica. Wednesday night will take place in Chile. As if there isn’t enough tension between contestants, Wednesday, fans will see a dreaded 2-on-1 date. Keep reading to find out who will stay and who will go.

Who does Peter take on the 2-on-1 date?

It’s the date card nobody wants to see and two women heard their names called for it in Chile. The two women Peter chose for this date is Mykenna and Tammy. Reality Steve took to Twitter today to share the outcome of that dreaded date.

According to Steve, neither of the two women were able to win over Peter. He reportedly sends them BOTH home during this date. There are no details yet as to what they did on the date or why he chose to send them both home. No doubt Mykenna is heartbroken, as fans have seen her emotional throughout the season, wanting Peter to get to know her.


Another woman leaves before the rose ceremony

There is another woman that leaves prior to the rose ceremony. Victoria Paul reportedly has a heart to heart talk with Peter in Chile. The two agree they are not on the same page and she decides to go home. According to Steve, he does not know how the show will portray this exit. However, fans saw how Victoria basically lied to Peter about her friendship with Alayah.

Apparently, the day after she left Victoria was actually supposed to be back in Louisiana to crown her Miss Louisiana successor. Whether that played a role in her decision to leave or not is unclear. But, chances are it did. After they show her exit on the air perhaps she will give out more details.

Another interesting fact to note, Reality Steve shared that there are 16 women when the show starts Monday night. Assuming they make it all the way to rose ceremony six Wednesday night, it will be down to only six women remaining.

The remaining six women are Natasha, Hannah Ann, Madison, Kelsey, Kelley and Victoria F. Don’t forget to tune in next week as Peter and the girls go on more adventures in his search for a wife. Next week The Bachelor will air Monday and Wednesday night on ABC.


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