‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Alum Kevin Wendt Talks Personal Mental Health Struggles

'BIP' Alum Kevin Wendt via Instagram

A huge topic in today’s society is mental health. Celebrities, along with reality television stars, are not immune to mental health issues. Anyone can suffer from disorders and it’s not bad if you do. Admitting there is a problem and seeking help is huge in fighting mental health disorders. Bachelor in Paradise alum Kevin Wendt is speaking out about his own personal issues with mental health. He is hoping to shed light on mental health awareness and let fans know it is okay to not be okay.

Kevin’s personal post

Kevin went to Instagram to share very personal information about himself. It takes courage to put yourself out there and admit you have issues. So, in honor of #BellLetsTalk Day, Kevin is sharing all about his problem with anxiety and how he has learned to face it.

Kevin shared a beautiful photo of himself and Astrid, along with a truly heartfelt caption. He began his post saying, “Mental health. It’s a big topic these days and I am so glad it is.” Kevin continues on saying those who know him well know he has issues with anxiety. He said sometimes the anxiety is severe enough he can’t sleep for days. When he realized his problem had a name he began searching for answers and how he could help himself.


How he deals with anxiety

Kevin said it’s just been in the past few years that he has been able to realize that talking truly does help. He said, “It wasn’t until the last couple years I’ve learned how talking about our issues we struggle with does more for our mental health than any gym can do for our physical health.”

The next sentence Kevin said is true. Social media has become extremely popular in society. However, social media does not always portray a person’s entire life accurately. Kevin said, “Remember social media is just the highlights of our lives. When I wake up I am flooded with anxiety almost everyday, and I’ve always looked for ways to ease my mind and let me get on with my day and be positive.”

Kevin continues saying fiance Astrid has been one of his biggest answers. He explained that when they get up every morning they have coffee and talk. They talk about simple things and how each other is feeling.

Kevin mentions Kobe Bryant in his post

He goes on to say life is short. Kevin said, “This week with one of my heroes dying tragically, we were reminded how precious and short life really is and it’s important to try and be happy every day you can.”

He went on to wrap up his post saying, “Parent, sibling, friend, or a professional.. talk to someone and know you aren’t alone. If you need help, ask for it. We can only work on things in our control. Have a happy Wednesday friends. #bellletstalk it’s okay to not be okay.”

Kevin is lucky to have Astrid. The two got engaged last year and are currently planning their wedding. He is a firefighter in Canada where they both reside.

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