‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Tags Daughter Truely On Instagram – What’s Happening On Her Account?

Sister Wives daughter Truely brown

Sister Wives kid, Truely, is the daughter of Christine Brown and Kody. The youngest of their six kids, Truely arrived in 2010. Very ill at one stage, she’s turned into a fun-loving person and a bit of a bookworm. When Christine shared about Truely playing at her dolls reading, she also tagged her over on her Instagram. So, what happening on this young Brown girl’s social media account?

Sister Wives – Christine’s bookworm daughter racks up fans on Instagram

TV Shows Ace reported that Christine loves it that Truely reads so much. In fact, she got tickled pink when she found the nine-year-old even posed her dolls as reading books. Sharing about it on Instagram, she said:

“You know your daughter loves to read when you walk in her room and see this! Even @truelygracebrown‘s dolls love to read.” In fact, some fans on that post remarked they sometimes see the young girl reading in the background on the TLC show. We checked out her daughter’s account that Christine tagged.

Some reality TV parents start social media accounts for their children at birth, but Truely’s only started in November 2018. Not many Sister Wives fans knew about her account it seems. But, she managed to rack up up a decent enough number of followers. So far, she’s got over 15k of them. Her account’s run by her older sister Ysabel. Popculture reminds fans that Ysabel’s 16 now and attends high school. Ysabel’s Instagram started in March of 2018, not long before Truelys new account.

What’s going on with Truely’s Instagram?

So far, only 18 posts show up on Truely’s account. These don’t include selfies and probably got taken by her mom and family. Perhaps Truely sits down with her mom and Ysabel and chooses her favorites for the Instagram page. The first picture showed her dressed in her Unicorn onesie. The caption read, “Unicorns are probably my favorite thing in the world (besides Mykelti of course).” Fans responded, noting she’s lucky to be part of a lovely big family.

In May last year, the little Sister Wives kid’s Instagram showed her cat. The really cute pic got captioned wth, “Zelda is my baby!! I love her so much.” The latest post from August last year, shows her posing in her tee-shirt and cat headband. There, the captions read, “I’m twinning with my cat in this cat ear headband!!” It’s a fun page that shows a young girl enjoying her family life. For instance, one post shows her playing battleships with her mom, Christine.


Not much interaction with followers

But, if you follow her, don’t expect too many responses. It seems that Ysabel’s got the account under control and won’t allow her sister to interact randomly with strangers. What do you think about Truely having her own Instagram account? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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