‘MAFS’: Jessica And Austin Fans Get Warm Fuzzies – Do They Make It Through?

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MAFS spoilers suggest that only three couples make it through Decision Day. However, Mindy and Zach might still work to save their marriage. But one couple looks like the sort to make it through. Already, fans seem to think they get a warm and fuzzy vibe from Jessica and Austin. And, that s not surprising as they met, slotted together easily, and married sweetly. But do they make it through?

MAFS – Jessica and Austin seem fated to love each other

Sometimes, it seems that the experts on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight get things spot on. And, fans see couples like Jessica and Austin who seemingly belong together from the first moment. Well, of course, there were some fails along the way. In this season, already spoilers predict a possibility that only three couples get through Decision Day. However, on spoiler fan sites little seems to indicate anything huge went wrong with Austin and Jessia.

It’s always hard to accurately predict things of the heart. For example, we noted that tension arose between Zach and Mindy. But, we also speculated that it might not be the end. That’s because a MAFS source said they love-hate each other. When they hate, it’s very bad, but could equally swing back to love. TV shows Ace reported that it looks like Mindy suffers from jealousy issues. And maybe Zach even cheated on her.


Few spoilers, but not perfect sailing for Austin

While nothing major looks to have blown up between Austin and Jessica, it looks like it’s not plain sailing all the way. Heavy reported that things do get a bit “rocky.” Austin travels a lot with his work, and Jessica seems unhappy about that. Well, @MAFSfans has been dishing a lot of tea on the couples. The Instagrammer seems very fair, not rushing to conclusions if not certain. But so far, almost nothing emerged there about Austin and Jessica. Well, other than a photo of them holding hands on a couch.

Meanwhile, fans of the show feel that this season, not enough stuff came out in previews. On a poster for the show earlier this month, Lifetime fans tried to predict who would say stay together. MAFS fans pretty much predicted everyone would be a success and everyone would fail. But rather more fans predicted that Jessica and Austin stay together. One said, “I think Jessica and Austin will go the distance. ” Another  noted their prediction for success stories include, Katie & Derek, Jess & Austin, Taylor & Brandon…”


Well, nothing indicates a major fallout between Austin and Jessica. So for now, it looks like they probably stay together and not too many fireworks go off. What do you think? Do you expect a sudden explosion from this rather laid-back looking couple? Or are they already well on the road to a lifetime together? Sound of your thoughts in the comments below.

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