‘The Bachelor’ Speculation: Possible Endings For Peter Weber’s Drama Filled Season

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The Bachelor is in full swing on ABC and there is something very different about this season. Normally, Reality Steve is able to give fans all the juicy details about the show, contestants and most especially, the winner. Peter Weber’s season is proving to be different by far. As of now, Steve has not been able to figure out Peter’s big mysterious ending. While Steve hasn’t revealed Peter’s ending, fans are going wild with all sorts of speculation as to what will happen and if Pilot Pete will find love.  Warning! Some spoilers follow.

What Reality Steve has shared about Peter so far

While the ending is currently unknown, Reality Steve has been able to narrow down Peter’s choices. He has released spoilers as to when some of the women are sent home. He has done so well at this that fans who want to know the final two already have that information. This is where things get confusing.

Of course, everyone saw Hannah Brown return and confuse Peter big time. The emotion and chemistry between the two of them was undeniable.  During their conversations, Hannah admits she regrets sending Peter home. Peter admits and always has that he did really fall in love with her. Even with all the feelings that were still there when this was filmed approximately 4 months ago, she left. Hannah left after her meltdown at the group date and Peter resumed his season after an afternoon to ponder his thoughts.

As for what Reality Steve has to say, he says the ending has nothing to do with Hannah Brown. After seeing the chemistry these two shared, many fans are still holding out hope that at the end Peter will tell the others goodbye and reunite with Hannah B. However, Steve says they are wasting their time hoping. He says the final two women involved are Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

The mysterious previews

By now fans have seen the mysterious previews that show Chris Harrison telling Peter at the final rose ceremony that they have all just heard some news. Peter is obviously shocked by whatever is said. Another clip shows him lying on the bed in his room, suit still on, saying it was the last thing he needed to hear right now. Was it all editing or was this information truly a big deal?

And, in yet another clip fans see Peter’s mother crying and telling him, “Don’t let her go, don’t let her go.Bring her home to us.” While we are only through the second episode, fans are losing it over what could possibly be going on.

Chris Harrison has said himself that this season is seriously dramatic. He said what happens to Peter has never happened on the show before. Cue the rumor mill.


All the fan theories

While some love not knowing what is going to happen at the end, others are coming up with all sorts of theories and speculation. Some still believe Peter is going to ditch everyone else and reunite with Hannah Brown. Unless it is through a phone conversation, Hannah does not show up in Australia for the final rose ceremony. She was filming Dancing With the Stars when the final rose ceremony occurred.

Some think Peter chooses nobody. Others think he did not choose anyone yet, but will make his decision at the After the Final Rose reunion show. Maybe he gave the rose to somebody then took it back. Or perhaps Peter was given information that made him reconsider his final choice. The possibilities are endless. Of course some say Hannah Ann is the winner. Someone even alleged they saw her face-timing a man and discussing apartments.  Some even think Madison is the winner. However, would the fact that Madison is a virgin and her dad did not give his blessing at hometowns turn Peter away from her.

Is someone pregnant?

Peter has already proven to the world he thinks intimacy is a very important part of a relationship. Everyone knows about the four times he shared with Hannah Brown in the windmill fantasy suite. In the previews fans can also hear him say he slept with someone and that it is important.

This brings up the latest rumor. Now that Chris has said this has never happened on The Bachelor before, fans are speculating that perhaps one of the contestants is pregnant. While that highly seems like a strong possibility, being that the show is taped within an approximate 8 week period, he would have had to of been intimate with them very early on in the filming process.

Peter himself is convinced nobody will figure out the ending

Hollywood Reporter shared an interview with Peter in which he flat out says nobody will find out the ending to his story. He said,

“I’m very confident that no one is going to be able to spoil it. There’s a reason I believe that — and obviously I can’t say it, otherwise it gives it away. I’m very confident that Reality Steve and all of these people, they’re not going to find out what happens — there’s no way they’re going to find out. And I’m very excited about that because I think that’s what this show has wanted for a while and I’m excited that for my season there’s a really good chance that happens. And I’m excited for everyone to just come along for the journey and not know what happens at the end, and just be able to live it out with me.”

When he referenced Reality Steve by name, there is no doubt Steve thought, challenge accepted Peter. Die hard fans are eagerly awaiting Steve to crack the case or one of the contestants to slip up and spoil their own season. This has definitely happened in the past.

While not too much is known about what happened that November day in Australia, Peter did have this to say in a response to a question about if he found what he was looking for and if he had any regrets. He said, “I can definitely say that I was very true to myself. I followed my heart throughout it all. It wasn’t easy, but I’m very happy that I did follow my heart. I can say that. So, no regrets.” But where did he follow his heart? Along with so many others, I need to know!

Fans are holding out hope that any day now Steve will solve the big mystery, this girl included. In the meantime, don’t miss all the drama unfolding as Peter continues his journey, Monday nights on ABC.




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